This Timepiece Co-Created by Kaia Gerber Is Perfect With Any Street-Style Outfit

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Being the daughter of a widely-acclaimed model and actress Cindy Crawford, everybody expects 17-year-old Kaia Gerber to be all dressed up with luxury labels all the time.



This wild expectation, however, is quickly debunked by the youngest-ever Fashion Awards Model of the Year awardee herself.

Kaia Gerber-Watch-2

Although she is seen in numerous runways donning haute couture from the luxury labels, Kaia Gerber, the West Coast Cali girl, opts for street-style wearing denim, crew neck t-shirts, and sneakers on a daily basis. As the latest face of Omega, Kaia chose blue and beige camouflage patterns as the latest design of watch straps for the De Ville Trésor—a design that encapsulates her style: casual and classic.


With the Trésor in the latest two camo patterns can easily elevate any outfit, including your entire casual, laid-back wardrobe.


OMEGA’s camo straps for Trésor are exclusively available at OMEGA boutiques. For more information, visit: Omega watches website.