Oddly Shaped Totes Are The Bag Trend For Next Season
Oddly Shaped Totes Are The Bag Trend For Next Season

Oddly Shaped Totes Are The Bag Trend For Next Season

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Let’s have the classic It-bags take a back seat for a while, because there’s a new bag trend we must all try to tote.

It’s officially March, which also means the fashion month has finally concluded. From New York, London, Milan, to Paris, countless designers across the globe have successfully presented their new collections. With that said, we were given some fresh, new ideas and designs that some of us should undoubtedly try next season.

As we’ve already listed down the top five trends that emerged for fall/winter 2020, it’s about time for our attention to focus on the specifics. And this is actually one of the most loved trends for women: bags. So, for the handbag obsessives, make sure you jot this all down because we always want you to have first dibs on this trend.

Slowly and surely making rounds on social media and becoming the talk of the industry is none other than the oddly shaped bags. Whether the size is over-the-top or literally looks like a takeout bag, it seems like quirky is taking over the classics for the meantime. Here are five bags we think would be a great conversation piece wherever you may go.

Off-White’s Cheese Bag

Bag trend fall 2020

Perhaps it’s safe to say that the majority of us love cheese. In fact, the world of cheese is so complex and a cheese connoisseur can attest to that. But in case you want to elevate your love for one of the most loved ingredients ever made, then you better start toting this cheese-shaped bag from Off-White.

Lanvin’s Pâtisseries Bag

Remember the boxes you’re given when opting to have your food for to-go? Well, Lanvin has a luxe reinterpretation of it, and it’s definitely a playful proof that a Parisian Pâtisseries bag can become a leather handbag. It’s even offered in various colors—from forest green, dandelion, black, sky blue, and red.

Loewe’s Puffy Bag

Bag trend fall 2020

There’s a reason why women love quirky bags, and it’s because it seamlessly marries chic and fun at the same time. Another bag trend that’s got our attention is Loewe’s Puffy bag. In case you think that the Bottega Veneta’s pouch bag is too serious or intimidating for you, then this is the right one for you.

Brandon Maxwell’s Boho Bag

Bag trend fall 2020

Is it a neck pillow or a handbag? We’re not entirely sure, but it looks mighty interesting even from afar. Meet Brandon Maxwell’s boho bag, which is defined by its slouching silhouette complemented by a handle so you can easily wear it on your shoulders.

Balenciaga’s Tool Box

Bag trend fall 2020

When Mother Nature finally had its last straw and cleanse the world, it’s gonna be one hell of a ride. But we’re in luck because we might just be fashionably prepared when the time of rapture is to come. During the Balenciaga show, everyone was treated with an immersive experience on what that an apocalypse might look like. And in every dystopian setting, it’s only logical to bring necessities with you wherever you traverse, which just makes Balenciaga’s Tool Box very handy and of course, functional.

Thom Browne’s Snake Bag

Bag Trend Fall 2020

Much like how Balenciaga had apocalyptic references for its fall/winter 2020 runway show, Thom Browne followed suit. Although in Thom Browne’s case, it was on a positive note as it drawn inspiration from the biblical narrative of Noah’s Ark. Two models emerged on the runway—one man and one woman—carrying an animal-shaped bag such as a snake bag.

Chloé’s Bottle Holder

If you’ve ever been bothered by the sound of the your insulated bottles clank as you place it on your desk, then Chloé has the solution for it. The French luxury house designed a special bottle holder made in leather with stunning graphic prints spread across the entire tote. And to make things easier for you to bring your favorite water bottle, the long strap allows you to either wear it across your body or simply over the shoulder.