NIVEA WonderBAR Takes a Step Towards Sustainability With Our Fave Influencers - MEGA
NIVEA WonderBAR Takes a Step Towards Sustainability With Our Fave Influencers

NIVEA WonderBAR Takes a Step Towards Sustainability With Our Fave Influencers

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These inspiring women give the lowdown on their sustainable journey with the NIVEA WonderBAR.

Living a more sustainable lifestyle has been the talk of the town for quite a few years now. More and more people have decided to do whatever they can in trying to help the environment, whether it’s something as simple as recycling an old container or something bigger like joining a march in support of a call for action towards climate change. The beauty of living more sustainably is that no matter how miniscule our efforts may seem, these supposed small-scale endeavors combined will still have a massive impact in the long run. Notable personalities such as Leila Alcasid, Cora Waddell, Patch Magtanong, and Janina Manipol have shared their own experiences and insights on how they try to live more sustainably, all with the new NIVEA WonderBAR by their side.

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Patch Magtanong, Cora Waddell, Leila Alcasid, and Janina Manipol are ecstatic that the new NIVEA WonderBAR is as eco-friendly as it gets–all while looking fresher than ever!

How it all started

Every person’s journey towards living a more sustainable lifestyle doesn’t start easy, especially if there’s an immeasurable transition to factor in. According to Cora, “We are creatures of habit, so breaking them will come with struggles.” Trying to live sustainably doesn’t just happen overnight, which Janina completely agrees with as she also has her missed moments from time to time.

When asked about how different her life is, Leila said she puts more thought into her choices, as well as an active effort in her actions. She added, “Now, I am always thinking of how I can use things in multiple ways.” Meanwhile, Patch shared that ever since she incorporated sustainable living in her everyday life, it was already difficult to go back after getting used to it. When she finally put things into perspective, it all became easier.

No act is too small

Decreasing our carbon footprint is something we must do at our own pace. Bringing our own water bottles or reusable bags wherever we go may seem small, but their positive effects will be much heavier in the future. Even replacing our daily items with more eco-friendly products is considered a contribution, which is why the NIVEA WonderBAR and its plastic-free packaging is already a step towards the right direction.

Coordinating with local organizations that can help with the repurposing of plastic waste is something that Leila supports, especially if we can’t figure out how we can use it for ourselves anymore. Cora also adds that experimentation with vegan recipes, as well as cleaning up our beauty routines of harmful chemicals can immensely help with everyone’s journey towards a sustainable lifestyle.

“[Have] the growing willingness to be more sustainable. It really doesn’t have to be big because every little bit of action counts,” is what Janina proudly stands by. She mentioned that even properly closing the tap after we wash our hands is already something we can easily do to conserve more resources. The same goes for Patch who shared that she began to lessen her use of plastic after realizing the amount of accumulated waste from her constant consumption of water bottles when she was in law school.

It’s sustainability first for these ladies

As NIVEA’s first facial cleansing bar, the NIVEA WonderBAR is their most sustainable product yet. Not only is it free from plastic, comes in a fully recyclable paper packaging, but also of 99% natural origin and 100% vegan, which makes it perfect for Cora’s vegan lifestyle. Apart from giving her peace of mind because of the overall sustainable efforts, she also stated, “The NIVEA WonderBAR is downright beautiful for decreasing our carbon footprint. I’m obsessed.”

Before testing the NIVEA WonderBAR, both Leila and Patch used products that came in plastic tubes and bottles. Now, they’re not just lessening their own plastic waste, but gaining more confidence because of the beneficial ingredients each variant has as well. Patch even let us know that, “It has the best all-natural ingredients, which is so great for my dry skin!” Neither of them feel the need to compromise for sustainability since the NIVEA WonderBAR gives them an effective gentle cleansing while enabling them to elevate their sustainable lifestyle even further.

As a conscious consumer, Janina also admires future-forward brands, which makes the act of choosing more sustainable products a step in reducing the usage of the planet’s resources. She said so herself, “The NIVEA WonderBAR is truly kind to the skin and the environment!”

For each of these inspiring women, the NIVEA WonderBAR is #MyKindOfCleanse. Follow NIVEA on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to find out more about their new go-to facial cleansing bar that’s now available in select Watsons stores nationwide, and on Shopee and Lazada.

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