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No Harm, No Fuss: NIVEA WonderBAR is the New Gentle Facial Cleanser Our Skin Needs

No Harm, No Fuss: NIVEA WonderBAR is the New Gentle Facial Cleanser Our Skin Needs

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These gentle yet effective NIVEA WonderBAR variants are the answers to our daily skincare problems.

Skincare here, skincare there–it’s no secret that we just simply can’t get enough! Despite having been on the skincare train for a while now, the hunt for the perfect products that target each and every single skin concern of ours is never-ending. The continuous search may eventually become frustrating after the appearance of more impurities caused by the items and ingredients we thought were already the right fit for our skin. This is why the NIVEA WonderBAR, NIVEA’s newest range of facial cleansing bars, has been carefully made with the intent to address specific skin concerns that we encounter on a daily basis.

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Gentle on the skin and the environment

Using skincare products that are beneficial not only for our skin, but also for the environment has been an ongoing trend that doesn’t plan on stopping. With 150 years in the skincare industry, NIVEA intended on creating their first ever plastic-free product, which they finally did with the NIVEA WonderBAR. Each WonderBAR variant has 99% natural origins with ingredients such as green tea extract, activated charcoal, almond oil, blueberry leaves, and rose extracts. These gentle facial cleansing bars are also 100% vegan and have completely recyclable packaging, making NIVEA WonderBAR the brand’s first certified natural cosmetics range under the Ecocert® Cosmos Natural label.

Patch Magtanong, Cora Waddell, Leila Alcasid, and Janina Manipol are just head over heels with the new NIVEA WonderBAR!

pH-optimized is the way to go

Unlike our regular soap bars that have a high pH level, the NIVEA WonderBAR formulation is perfectly optimized to our own skin’s pH level. While the former takes away our skin’s moisture, thus drying it out even more, we can expect that the NIVEA WonderBAR is sure to give us gently cleansed skin that’s soft to the touch.


With four variants in its lineup, it’s no surprise that each NIVEA WonderBAR has its own unique purpose. The Anti-Pimple Scrub is the go-to facial cleansing bar for those whose skin type is oily or blemished. Made with kaolin clay and green tea extract, the bar purifies acne-prone skin as it effectively treats pimples through the kaolin clay’s antibacterial properties, as well as the green tea extract’s anti-inflammatory properties.

For those with a combination to blemished skin type, the Blackhead-Clearing Scrub is the ideal NIVEA WonderBAR variant to include in our skincare regimen. This completely targets blackheads before they even turn into worse breakouts, and it does so by gently exfoliating the skin. This facial cleansing bar makes the skin’s texture much more refined with its key ingredient–activated charcoal.

Having almond oil and blueberries as its main ingredients, the NIVEA WonderBAR Hydrating not only balances our face’s absorption of moisture and water loss, but also ensures that the skin is left feeling hydrated and refreshed after each use. This WonderBAR variant is perfect for those with normal to combination skin.

Similar to the Hydrating variant, the NIVEA WonderBAR Radiance is also the ideal choice for everyone who has a normal or combination skin type. This gentle facial cleansing bar leaves the skin looking more radiant and glowing with its rose extract ingredient. It also strengthens the skin’s barrier function by having vitamin E penetrate deep into the skin, leaving it feeling supple and soothed.

The hunt for #MyKindOfCleanse is over now that the NIVEA WonderBAR is finally available in select Watsons stores nationwide, as well as on Shopee and Lazada. To know more about each WonderBAR variant, follow NIVEA on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Photography KIERAN PUNAY