Next Time You Take a Sip Of Champagne, This Is The Woman To Thank

Raise your champagne glasses in a toast for success, camaraderie, and for Madame Louise Pommery of Champagne Pommery

If there’s one person to thank for today’s taste for semi-sweet and dry champagne, it should be Madame Louise Pommery. Having taken over as the head of Champagne Pommery after the passing of her husband in 1858, her distinct taste in wine led to the creation of the first brut or dry champagne that won the world over with its delicate taste. It broke traditions–transitioning taste buds from very sweet wine often served as a dessert drink to a more refreshing flavor in every sip.

A woman in a man’s world, Madame Louise Pommery imprinted her personality on her champagnes. Her confidence quickly changed the landscape of champagne in the English market. She always set her priorities straight, embodying a Qualite d’abord (quality first) philosophy. The purity and the finesse of Pommery wines perpetuate this legacy. 

Today, Champagne Pommery is one of the biggest and most well-respected Champagne maisons in the world. With an established presence in over 130 countries, their bottles continue to enchant champagne lovers from different cultures and profiles. Numerous factors come into play when caring for the champagne’s distinct flavor: grape variety, harvest time, blend selection, and ageing period, to name a few. But Pommery operates according to a foundational principle: the selection of vintages that make up the blend, fused and aged over a long period of time in the cellar—and not the dosage—must be the source of the wines’ distinctive characteristics.

Champagne Pommery houses six distinct cuvées that have garnered distinctions across critics worldwide, but the true essence of the Pommery style lies in the Brut Royal. Every bottle is a blend of nearly forty different Champagne vintages. Its pale yellow body is awakened by delicate bubbles floating around. With every sip, its fresh and lively pop leaves a nice lingering finish on the palate. The overall cheerful flavor is all thanks to notes of red fruit that leaves a clean taste with no dryness. A glass of this is one you would want to proudly raise in the air.

Champagne Pommery is exclusively distributed by Estate Wine in the Philippines. For inquiries, you may call Estate Wine at (02) 8804 50 28, or email them at [email protected]. Estate Wine is located at G/F Republic Glass Building, Salcedo St. Cor. Aguirre St., Legaspi Village, Makati City.

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