Made For The New Normal, This Will Be Your Go-To For Stylish Essentials
Made For The New Normal, This Brand Is All You Need To Stand Out Amid The Quarantine

Made For The New Normal, This Brand Is All You Need To Stand Out Amid The Quarantine

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Further serving the entire nation with the coolest armor to wear in our fight against coronavirus, New Normal PH proves itself to be the brand you need to have to save lives. 

The pandemic didn’t only just slow down our lives, it also altered the way we dress. Fashion as a means of people’s escape from reality was suddenly not feasible anymore because there is a new set of essentials we have to first consider. From face shields, masks, to protective suits, we all need to have these so as to protect ourselves from being in contact with the virus and keep the ones around us safe.

While this may be, there’s actually a way for us to still look good in what we wear. Fortunately enough, we’ve seen designers creating their own version of a reusable face mask and PPEs. They also even added their own twist to it by making a dress version for women. So, following suit to these game-changers is New Normal PH, which was conceived back in July 2020.

The homegrown lifestyle brand concept was brought about to provide stylish yet practical commodities that seek to stand out from the new definition of norm. “We live in the new normal and we stand to be responsible and safe while striving to stand out as we aim to maintain our distinct and diverse character,” Founder Ben Donato says.

And that’s why New Normal PH is inarguably a product of the persistent mind of its founder to innovate and adjust to the continuous evolution of life as we know it. The New Normal PH demands that we be our truest self. That means we should look past a certain trend, and really stand up for what we believe in. “By standing up for our own personal manifesto gives us the permission to stand up, step to the plate and stand out,” the brand explains.

Now, since its official launch, they want to keep its dynamic promise to further challenge and elevate its purpose worldwide, raising the bar for Filipino brands as well. In achieving its pledge, the lifestyle brand has collaborated with Metrophoto’s Oly Ruiz, and creative director, Mike Lavarez.

In their latest product offerings, we are given a handful of very stylish options. Combining safety and style, the Supra face shield can easily elevate any look without compromising security, thanks to its four variations: clear vision, blackout, red alert, and mirror image (reflective).


And if you pair the face shield with the NN face mask, it will cover the danger triangle of the face, particularly the eyes, nose, and mouth. It has a water-repellant outer layer and cotton inner layer with an interior pocket that can hold filters, to keep you comfortable and secure. The best part? The ear loops were made adjustable to ensure a snug fit.

New Normal PH

Finally, it is essential that we regularly sanitize and disinfect our daily necessities in order to protect ourselves from harmful substances around us. So, the Steri-bag can sure come in handy. It’s made with nylon composite luxury material, is proven to have a disinfection rate of 99.99%.

You don’t need to sacrifice style whenever you leave the house. Get your stylish new essentials and shop New Normal PH’s latest offerings here. Follow them on Instagram @new_normalph for more info and updates.