Never Too Late: Celebs who Celebrated Motherhood Later In Life

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News flash: there’s no such thing as “too late.” With women now geared towards being more career-oriented and taking more time for themselves, the call to follow a certain just isn’t what it used to be.

Check out these powerful women who celebrated motherhood later in life—because we shouldn’t conform ourselves to society’s expectations for women.

Pheomela Baranda – 40 years old

Perhaps one of the best examples of empowering mothers who did motherhood their own way is TV personality Phoemela Baranda! This 40-year-old stunner raised daughter Kim when she was 19 years old—juggling her growing career in the meantime.

She’s had a prolific career since since and just this 2020 announced the arrival of a new bundle of joy: Baby Illya. 

Society now is much more open-minded, or iba na rin yung the way they think. Women now are more career-oriented,she shared about her decision.

Alice Dixson – 51 years old

At 51, Alice introduced her “little miracle” to the world just this April 2.

“So with great patience, belief, and trust—I am happy to announce my wish has finally come true. Our newest little member has arrived,” she shared.

The actress had been living abroad with her child, as she’s now returned home to the Philippines just this May. She first shared her plans to have a child via surrogacy in 2019.

Korina Sanchez – 52 years old

Twins make twice the fun! Korina was 52 when she and husband Mar Roxas welcomed fraternal twins Pepe and Pilar to the world

“Everyone who knows me well knows that I love children. But for the longest time, because my career in news took charge, I thought it would never happen,” she had shared on the wait to become a mother.

“We weren’t married yet when we decided to freeze our embryos, before my biological clock stopped ticking. It was just a matter of when we were ready to start a family.”

Vicky Belo – 59 years old

The celebrated doctor was 59 when Scarlet Snow Belo entered her world and changed it completely. With two-full grown children already, Belo opted for surrogacy this time around.

6 years later, Scarlet Snow has been in numerous countries, learned a variety of musical instruments, and completely caught our heartstrings!