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Netflix Games Are Here: A Wish List Of Games We Want To Play Based On Netflix Original Titles

Netflix Games Are Here: A Wish List Of Games We Want To Play Based On Netflix Original Titles

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Here are the shows we want to play based on Netflix original titles with the launch of Netflix Games

The Netflix Games division is finally releasing mobile games for the Netflix smartphone app, which they already teased earlier this year. The giant streaming platform promised to offer Netflix Games at no extra charge for existing Netflix subscribers. On November 2, Netflix Game Development Vice President Mike Verdu revealed the first batch of mobile-based video games arriving on the Netflix app, including Stranger Things 3: The Game and Stranger Things: 1984Shooting Hoops and Teeter Up, and Card Blast. These five games can be played on multiple devices using different profiles without an internet connection. However, Netflix Games won’t be available on Kids profiles because of parental safety features. Netflix Games closed the official announcement with a promise of more titles in the future.

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Fans and loyal subscribers of Netflix are excited with this announcement as a new pass time during lunch breaks and night offs will be added to their list aside from binge watching its shows. As we all know, Netflix is also a home to a wide variety of titles that have a great potential to become games, and if ever Netflix could happen to read this, here are some shows that we want to be produced as games – you know, to give them ideas.

Squid Game

Of course, first on the list is the most talked about series of this year, Squid Game tops this list as a potential game in the future. However, it looks like Squid Game as mobile game is not far from fiction since Netflix already acquired Oxenfree developer Night School Studio as the first of its in-house developers back in September, and hinted some original titles based on popular shows like Squid Game along with games from second and third-party studios to be made.

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One of the top rated Netflix shows to date, the all-German series, Dark with its complicated yet interesting plot could be made into an investigative type of game that solves mysteries, gathering clues, and finishing a story mode.

Dark Season 2 poster from The Nerd Daily.

Money Heist

Iconic costumes, mind games, and escape plans, we want to experience a bit of Money Heist for fun that’s more than just wearing similar outfits for halloween, to be honest.

Photo from Man’s World India.

Alice In Borderland

Mind-bending games as well as physical, and strong storyline with interesting characters, Alice In Borderland has it all for a perfect video game, well in fact the series is literally about a game to begin with, but fans will surely want to try and solve their the show’s difficult, and sometimes heart wrenching challenges.

Photo from Netflix.

Sweet Home

Speaking of interesting characters, and heart wrenching, Sweet Home also have those, but this time with distinct looking monsters. With its survival type of story, we could imagine Sweet Home as a game with duel fights, and decision making options similar to the likes of Detroit: Become Human.

Photo from Netflix.


We already know what Vincenzo’s about, and it’s not impossible to create a game based on the Korean lawyer slash mafia antihero. For those who are avid fans of video games, there are already numerous titles that are similar to Vincenzo like Mafia: Definitive Edition, but we still want a Korean version of that, and video game version of Song Joong Ki.

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The hit zombie Korean series’ exhilarating scenes and graphic visuals are perfect combo for a video game, this could really be just a Temple Run , and it’s still going to be fun since Zombies are chasing after you.

Photo from Netflix.

Emily In Paris

Obviously, Emily In Paris could really be a dress up game, but more than that, it would be nice to experience the life of Emily in Paris in a simulation type of game complete with dress up, and story mode where there are goals to accomplish like getting promoted in Emily’s job, and deciding who to end up with among her love interests.

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