Plant Power in the Shower: Why the Bloom Squad Has Switched to Natural Hair Care

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Discover the benefits of plant power from the Bloom Squad and make the shift with them!

Green living has become a trend over the past few years, and it’s trickled down to our most-used hair care products: natural shampoo and natural conditioner. The words “organic,” “plant-based,” “sustainable,” “chemical-free,” and more are not new to us. In fact, these are the buzzwords that we usually see and hear from brands that sell green products. But even with the flurry of eco-products, most of us still opt to buy the usual chemical-riddled goods off of commercial shelves even if they’re not ideal because let’s face it, they’re more familiar to us. This newness to the benefits of natural shampoo and natural conditioner is a small hurdle that we can easily overcome once we get to dig deeper into why they’re better for us and how they are different from the common products we usually buy.

Herbal Essences has gained the status of being the clean hair care product of choice among eco-conscious people. Their multitude of products caters to every need one could possibly have, and do so with the pure goodness of natural ingredients. This is why three local beauties have switched to clean beauty after discovering the wonders of natural shampoos and conditioners: Kakie Pangilinan, Leila Alcasid, and Juliana Gomez. Dubbed as the Bloom Squad, these ladies are sharing their appreciation for the power of plants for their hair and why they made the green switch.

Soft and smooth from roots to tips

Our hair is a finicky asset. Wash it too much, you strip it of its natural moisture. Wash it less frequently, it gets too oily. Achieving the perfect texture for our tresses can be tricky, but with the right products, it can be easy. Plant-based hair products nourish your locks from roots to tips. It cleanses without taking away the hair’s natural oils while providing additional proteins to keep it vibrant. The result: effortlessly soft and smooth strands. Kakie Pangilinan favors Herbal Essences’s Argan Oil of Morocco shampoo and conditioner which harness the power of simple ingredients but contain multiple benefits. Specially crafted for damaged hair, this tandem repairs your tresses to make it softer and smoother using naturally-inspired and naturally-sourced argan oil. The revitalizing scent of fizzy citrus, exotic spice, and creamy vanilla are also sure to refresh your scalp and sense.

Silicone-free shine and volume

We’re all guilty of wanting more body to our locks and more gloss to each strand, so we use all kinds of shampoos and conditioners that promise to double the volume and give extra shine in a single wash. But what we don’t see are the pesky silicone traces in these products that eventually wreak havoc on our hair and damage it in the long run. Over time, silicone prevents our hair from absorbing moisture and protein, causing more irreversible harm. Beloved by Leila Alcasid, the White Strawberry & Sweet Mint natural shampoo and conditioner duo from Herbal Essences can give your hair the voluminous body and luster you want without any silicone to weigh you down. The mix of white strawberry, red fruit accords, and invigorating mint bring a crisp sensation to your hair care routine and coat each strand with care.

Humidity-proof smooth hair for hot summer days

The heat is on once again as summer is here. The humidity can cause our hair to be frizzy and extra dry, and no amount of combing can tame them. Just as you would apply sunblock on your body to keep it safe from damage, you need a coat of protection for your tresses to guard it against the heat’s effects. While there’s no magic lotion for your hair, there is Herbal Essences’s Golden Moringa Oil natural shampoo and conditioner. Juliana Gomez’s favorite combination of powerhouse products cleanses hair thoroughly to make it sleek and smooth. It’s especially good for frizzy hair to make it more manageable while giving it a more vibrant appearance. The duo’s notes of juicy orange, white floral bouquet, and coconut water are also perfect for a summer-inspired hair care routine.

Start your own clean, green hair care routine. Make the switch to Herbal Essences and discover the dynamic power of plants.

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