Why Nam Joohyuk Is The Ultimate Boyfriend We All Wish We Have

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Nam Joohyuk has been serving us boyfriend looks and we're totally not complaining!

Model turned actor Nam Joohyuk is probably the most chill person to ever exist. He's nonchalant about his looks but still manages to pull off that boyfriend feel. It's safe to say we're all well fed whenever he uploads on his Instagram account. So we gathered all the pieces of evidence that prove how Joohyuk's effortless fashion can turn into the ultimate boyfriend look!

His Features

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...are effortlessly beautiful on their own. He's tall, with broad shoulders, and his face is simply god-like (not to mention: abs!).  You're sure to melt under his stare so be careful. Nobody—not even a muggle—can deny this fact!

He's Practical

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Feeling cold? Put a parka on! He wears what he's most comfortable in, and it reflects on his confidence. We love a confident man!

He Follows Trends

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Yes, even with his practicality, we can still spot him following trends. From ripped jeans to bucket hats, he still doesn't get left behind! But ultimately...

He Can Pull Off Any Look

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From suits...

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...to hoodies real quick—Joohyuk can wear anything and it still looks good on him. Just how perfect can he get?

Bonus: His Dogs

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If this still doesn't convince you, I don't know what will.