EXCLUSIVE: Nadine Lustre’s Makeup Artist Jake Galvez On How To Achieve Her Summer Glow

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In addition to the show-stopping swimwear pieces that she had selected for H&M Philippines, there is something else that catches one’s attention when looking at Nadine Lustre’s new campaign—her summer glow. Bronzed, highlighted in golden hues yet still very natural, the look is something that would definitely appeal to many this season. Makeup artist Jake Galvez is the man behind this look, which he likes to call “bronzed and beautiful.” When asked about his inspiration behind it, he shares, “We simply wanted to enhance Nadine’s morena complexion by making her skin glow and to keep the makeup as natural as possible.” For more tips on how to achieve the makeup look for yourself, Jake shares with us a few more tips:

EXCLUSIVE: Nadine Lustre’s Makeup Artist Jake Galvez On How To Achieve Her Summer Glow | MEGA
Photo from @jakegalvez on Instagram

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1. Start with SPF

Before you get all excited with your makeup, Jake reminds us that you should take your skincare seriously first: “Skin care is very important when going to the beach. I used sunblock all over Nadine’s face and body and that was probably the most important product I used on her.”

2. For a natural-looking tan, go one shade darker than your natural complexion

“We didn’t want her tan to look fake, so we just went with one foundation shade darker than her natural skin tone,” he starts. “After this, I layered it with a bronze-colored oil to give her more of a glow.”

3. Your three best friends for a summer glow: bronzer, highlighter and tints

“For her face, I first used the bronzer from Lustrous’ Bronze and Highlight Palette. I used the darkest shade across the cheekbones, along the jawline, and on bridge of the nose and the temples. I then added highlight on the inner corners of the eyes and the high points of the face. For a natural flush, I used their Lip and Cheek Tint in Raw and Vermillion.”

Main art from Jake Galvez