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Rumor Check: Who is Nadine Lustre’s Alleged New Boyfriend?

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It’s been over a year since Nadine Lustre and James Reid announced their breakup, and the internet is now ablaze with rumors that Nadine has a new French-Filipino beau.

The online talks started back in late July when the actress was seen in Siargao with one Christophe Bariou, a French surfer who apparently teaches on the island.

Photos soon circulated seeing the two eating together and posing with friends—to which fans both gushed and endlessly speculated over. Not much is known about Bariou as of writing, although Nadine follows him on Instagram.

Meanwhile, the two were even spotted back in Siargao just this week. A newly surfaced video shows fans asking Nadine for a photo after surfing, which Bariou tells them to “let her finish” fixing her things first.

James: I just want her to be happy

Meanwhile, Nadine’s former boyfriend brought up the topic online when he was asked by King of Talk Boy Abunda what he would do if someone new decides to court Nadine.

“I don’t think anyone in that situation is excited to see their ex with someone else, but you know, that’s not my choice,” James shared.

“It can’t be my choice but if magically I had to decide whether or not she’d be with someone, of course I wish her the best, I want her to be happy,” he added. “I’m not her husband, neither am I her father, so she can do whatever makes her happiest.”

Despite the photos, there’s no confirmation just yet from Nadine herself on her real relationship score. If they do decide to keep it private, that’s a decision that can only be made between Nadine and her alleged new beau.