WATCH: Nadine Lustre Opens Up About Mental Illness For Her Latest Lustrous Campaign

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Last night wasn’t just any other ordinary anniversary celebration for Nadine Lustre and BYS Cosmetics’ Lustrous. In addition to this milestone, the star also wanted to promote World Mental Health Day, leading a group of women who inspire us to speak up.

(Left to Right) Luz Bagalacsa, Vivoree, Abby Asistio, Jerika Ejercito, Bianca Valerio, Vern Enciso, Gretchen Fullido, BYS CEO Ed Aitken, Nadine Lustre, Tony Chua and Kiana Valenciano, G3 SanDiego, Michelle Asence Fontelera and One MEGA Group EVP Archie Carrasco

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In a video that was shared to us, Nadine opened up to her fans about experiencing a condition many of us might already be familiar with: depression and anxiety. “When you’re a celebrity, people think that your life is perfect. That’s actually not true, I have gone through so much,” she candidly shares.

Nadine goes on to share that through the years, she has learned from friends and from her significant other James Reid that there should be no fear in opening up, which was something she was once so scared of. This was what inspired her to celebrate Lustrous’ anniversary in the way that she did.

“When you talk to people, it’s like you’re all holding hands,” she starts. “It’s okay to be sad, to be vulnerable…at the end of the day, you’re going to be able to stand up a stronger person.”