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All The Times Nadine Lustre And James Reid Supported Each Other Post-Breakup

All The Times Nadine Lustre And James Reid Supported Each Other Post-Breakup

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Breakups don’t have to end in drama and doors slamming shut.

Despite announcing their breakup in early 2020, Nadine Lustre and James Reid are still active in each other’s lives. As fellow creatives and labelmates, the two young celebrities have proven that it’s possible to remain casual—and even close—with one’s ex.

Here are five examples when Nadine and James still showed love to each other after the breakup. No drama, just good vibes.

Nadine’s Wildest Dreams album and musical collaborations

When you’ve grown up in showbiz together, it’s likely that you often share the same goals and visions. Working together as labelmates in James’ musical label, CARELESS, their visions continue to come together.

Nadine has also openly shared that James was a big part of her debut solo album Wildest Dreams that came out in November of 2020. James also made a cameo in the music video of the song Ivory.

On the other hand, James has shared that Nadine was also vital in the making of his 2021 single Soda: “She knows what’s in my head, so she’s able to pick up the idea very quickly. Nadine’s been improving a lot as a songwriter over the past two years.”

Hiking and spending time together

Amid the pandemic, the two had been spotted together either with friends or going on hiking trips together, which continue to make comeback rumors swirl.

Despite this, it just shows that the two continue to enjoy spending time together as they’re in the same circle of friends.

“It was a great love” – Nadine

In a YouTube video by Karen Davila, Nadine had nothing but kind words for her former beau. As the actress and journalists spoke in a lush plant shop, the former shared that James was a great love despite not ending up together.

“I think he was a great love, we learned a lot of things. We grew a lot. We were helping out each other. Hindi siya ‘yung basta-basta lang na pa-sweet lang,” Nadine recalled.

She also explained that it wasn’t a bad breakup, but they just wanted to “work on themselves.”

“He had to take care of his family, focus on his career, and I had to focus on my career and take care of my family and myself. That’s why we remained friends… When I moved out, it was a start of a new chapter.

“I had to grow, we both had to grow.”

“I want her to be happy” – James

In a recent interview with Boy Abunda, James shared that he wished nothing but happiness for his friend and labelmate.

The King of Talk first prompted James on how he would feel if someone new would court Nadine, to which James answered: “I don’t think anyone in that situation is excited to see their ex with someone else, but you know, that’s not my choice.”

“It can’t be my choice but if magically I had to decide whether or not she’d be with someone, of course I wish her the best, I want her to be happy,” James added. “I’m not her husband, neither am I her father, so she can do whatever makes her happiest.” 

Indeed, the two prove that romantic love isn’t a prerequisite for wishing and giving each other happiness.