Myth or Miracle? Dr. Aivee Teo Settles Collagen Misconceptions Once and For All

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Wash those collagen worries away and start giving your hair the real treatment and nourishment it needs

When you hear collagen, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For some, a beauty clinic and a white-gowned dermatologist tending to your facial needs. For others, capsules that come in thick plastic bottles. But what probably never escapes your thoughts about it is that aura of doubt—collagen myths are everywhere. What is fact and what is fake? Let’s face it, the word collagen isn’t something you hear everyday, yet its benefits for your body’s overall condition cannot be understated. In fact, it helps transform your hair from broken to beautiful by solving tutchang problems just like our new favorite, the Pantene Collagen Miracle Conditioner.

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We sat down with Dr. Aivee Teo–a board-certified dermatologist and well-loved beauty expert–to answer the internet’s most-searched questions on collagen and do some old-fashioned digging in the name of this tutchang-busting protein.

Triple Helix Structure in Pantene Collagen Miracle conditioner
Triple Helix Structure in Pantene Collagen Miracle conditioner

Myth: Collagen just benefits the skin

While it is true that women who add collagen in their daily regimen improve the appearance of their skin by minimizing lines and wrinkles, this protein goes beyond skin health and transcends to hair treatments as well. Collagen is rich in amino acids that your body needs to build keratin, the protein that makes up hair. Dr. Aivee explains, “Collagen also helps protect the hair from external damage, such as the heat of the sun, pollution, and the like. Plus, it also keeps your hair hydrated so it won’t dry out.” For these benefits, you don’t have to look further. We’ve illustrated these properties present in Pantene’s Collagen Miracle Conditioner above: every hair strand gets the benefits of Pro-V for hydration, Miracle Serum for smoothness, and real collagen for strength.

Creative illustration of how Pantene Collagen Miracle Conditioner strengthens the hair
Creative illustration of how Pantene Collagen Miracle Conditioner strengthens the hair

Myth: Collagen is just a supplement

Collagen is not just a pill you take, or a lotion you rub on your skin–it is a body’s necessity. In fact, collagen is the most abundant protein in your body, literally holding it together. This protein is mostly found in our structural organs, such as bones, muscles, and skin. As an ingredient in products, collagen can provide strength.

Collagen additives in regular conditioners try to bind onto hair in clumps, often leaving an oily residue after washing. But the triple helix structure found in the Pantene Collagen Miracle Conditioner surrounds the hair strand and acts like a scaffolding, improving hair condition and stability. 

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Myth: Our bodies produce enough collagen

Collagen makes up about a third of your body’s total proteins and supports your most essential organs, so surely it must produce enough for your entire life, right? Not exactly. Dr. Aivee points out that as you get older, your body produces less of it. Symptoms such as joint pain, paper-thin skin, and frizzy hair are signs of collagen deficiency. That is why products with real collagen help your body’s need for advanced reinforcement and protection–which is exactly what the Pantene Collagen Miracle Conditioner brings.

Learn more about collagen as we sit down and talk with Dr. Aviee Teo about it:

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