WATCH: Mystified Full Trailer, Original Sang'res Reunite
WATCH: ‘Mystified’ Full Trailer, Original Sang’res Reunite

WATCH: ‘Mystified’ Full Trailer, Original Sang’res Reunite

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After more than a decade of waiting, the original Sang’res finally reunites for another magical adventure film and iFlix just gave us a glimpse by debuting the ‘Mystified’ Full Trailer.

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The four beauties effortlessly looked sartorially posh as they officially launch the first-ever iFlix originals movie.

Magic was once more unleashed as Iza Calzado, Karylle, Diana Zubiri, and Sunshine Dizon join forces. Just like how we were all enchanted with their fight scenes using elemental powers before, we’re actually treated with another round of magical stints—but better.

In Mystified, they will be four sorceresses, who through their combined strengths, have successfully banished the evil witch Hellga and locked her away. Now the coven of four has been sent to live in the real world to protect the magic portal—except they can’t use any of their powers.

Now that the film is a reunion of the four beauties, it won’t be complete without Encantadia’s original director, Mark Reyes V. And what others may not know is that their group actually formed Sanggre Productions, Inc. to be more involved in the creative process this time.

According to iFlix Global Director Mark Francis, “Mystified is the first of many that we plan to create for the Philippines. I think this is a perfect start, given the quality of the work, which is proof of the creativity and artistry of the Filipino filmmaker.”

With a vision of making Mystified as a topnotch action-fantasy film—complete with mindblowing CGI and visual effects—the team utilized the same equipment that Hollywood uses. From flying on a broomstick to doing their magical fight scenes, everything impeccably matched the mystical characters and setting of the movie.

Watch below to witness the coven of four proves that they still got the mettle to kick some major butt onscreen.