The Top-Selling Beauty Mask Especially Made For Asian Skin Is Now In The Philippines

The long wait is over! My Beauty Diary–the most beloved facial mask in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore – is finally available in the country!

Considered as the holy grail of face masks by most Asian beauty lovers, My Beauty Diary addresses the most common Asian skin problems. It offers affordable sheet masks aimed at restoring a gentle and youthful look for your skin. My Beauty Diary is also praised across Asia as the Best Selling Facial Mask and Experts’ and Consumers’ Choice in Singapore, and awarded first place at 2015 @ Cosme Best Cosmetics Award in Japan.
Sheet masks are widely popular in the Asian beauty scene especially with the ever-famous Korean skincare. Each sheet is packed with concentrated essence that gives the skin intense hydration and other effects depending on its ingredients and target problems. A quick 15-20 minute skin-pampering with a sheet mask results in more supple and brighter skin.
My Beauty Diary has always been on the top of the sheet mask game and some also claim that it’s the brand that started the sheet mask craze. Aside from being designed specifically for Asian skin, it is also known for its super ultra-thin yet highly permeable sheet. This allows the mask to fit snugly in your facial contours and make you feel comfortable while wearing it. My Beauty Diary is also extra gentle on the skin as it doesn’t contain any parabens, preservatives, alcohol, mineral oil, coloring, and fluorescent agents that are known to be harmful to the skin.
Two variants of My Beauty Diary are available in 7-Eleven stores: Black Pearl and Arbutin Brightening. The cult-favorite Black Pearl is perfect for optimal whitening, brightening, and illuminating. The mask’s unique formulation revitalizes a stressed and fatigued complexion, treating it to a concentrated blend of vitamins and minerals. The Black Pearl essence, which is the main ingredient, restores the skin’s youthful luster and leaves it moisturized and radiant.
Arbutin Brightening contains the highly effective whitening ingredient Arbutin that breaks down melanin production. The Arbutin-rich mask invigorates dull skin while creating a fairer and brighter complexion with a translucent glow. Finally, it also keeps the skin firm and smooth.
Get a convenient and quick beauty fix at 7-Eleven stores with My Beauty Diary Face Mask.

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