Which Character From Money Heist Part 4 Are You? Take This Quiz To Find Out


If you were part of the heist, you would most likely be...

Your friends would describe you as...

Where would you spend your money if you won the heist?

What is your worst trait?

What is your best trait?

You are more of a...?

Why would you agree to join a heist?

Pick one that describes you

Would you betray your team?

Would you shoot the love of your life?

What are people's first impression of you?

Which Character From Money Heist Part 4 Are You? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

You got Tokyo! You are a true leader. You're not afraid to take risks, make impulsive decisions, and speak up–even if you can get in trouble for it. You move from the heart and not from the mind because ultimately, you care about your team and the success of the heist. You often use your beauty to your advantage, but more than just physical appearance, you are intelligent and know how to get what you want.

You got Rio! You play a valuable part in the team because of your intelligence and loyalty. People often underestimate you because you appear innocent and easy to manipulate, however, your true loyalty is to your team and even if people try to break you, you will never budge. You capture the hearts of many people with just one look, but ultimately, you have a mind that can compete against the greatest IT hackers in the world.
The Professor

You got the Professor! You're the mastermind of the heist and you have earned your team's respect because of your concrete plans and powerful persuasion. You move with careful consideration and always think about what's best for the team. Your intelligence and skill in being one step ahead of the game always leads you to a successful mission, but above all, it's because the team sees your heart and passion for everything you do.

You got Nairobi! The team wouldn't function without you. You're the level-headed one in the group and you always think about what's best for the team and never for personal gain. You're strong, unafraid of a challenge, and get your drive out of love and the desire for a better future. You're goal-oriented and often tough, but what most people don't see is that you have a heart of gold.

You got Lisbon! Righteous and calm, you know how to act as both the inspector and negotiator. You only move when you know it's the right thing to do. You often think before you act and it's not easy to deceive you. You are driven by your love for your family and the greater good.

You got Denver! Fearless and tough, you know how to take command and make people obey you. Most people don't know that underneath all your temper is a caring and funny guy who will do anything for his team and family. You wear your heart on your sleeve and often let your judgment get the better of you. Sometimes people do not understand that all the rage within you is because of your desire to protect the people you love. However, those who know you can see your passion and loyalty to the team.

You got Stockholm! Beautiful yet vulnerable, you look like the one who is easily deceived, however, what they don't know is that you are so much stronger than you think. Heck, you can survive through a bullet to the leg! You will get any job done for the sake of you and your family's safety. What drives you to do things is the desire to love and be loved, even if that means doing things you have never done before.

You got Palermo! As the leader of the heist, you know every action and situation that will bring you to your success. You can often act rash because of your desire to succeed, however, without you, the plain would fail. As an intelligent leader, you can manipulate anyone in your favor, but that also means that not everyone trusts you. What they don't know is that you are acting out of love and the desire to avenge the one you love.

You got Berlin! You are the one that started it all; from the idea of doing the heist, to the drive to continue the heist. You have nothing left to lose, which leads to your decisions often rash and entirely too idealistic. However, the success of the heist also lies in your hands. Because you are not afraid of anything, your determination for the heist to succeed is what will bring your team to succeed.
Alicia Sierra

You got Alicia Sierra! As the inspector, you can anticipate every move from the group of robbers. You are merciless when it comes to getting what you want and you will make sure to get it, even if people get hurt in the process. While you may be harsh, people respect you for being able to get the job done. However, they should be careful not to cross you because you are so much more capable than what people are led to believe.

You got Marseille! You're the source of help from the outside and also the key to getting the plan to work. Without you, the team would be a mess. You're a reliable friend that can brave through any situation. You have your emotions in control and you can talk to your team to stay focused and follow the plan. You also go way back with the Professor, which means you understand him more than anyone else in the team.

You got Manila! You're the newest member of the family, which means you have a lot of adjusting to do. Though that isn't something you aren't used to because all your life, you have been trying to figure out yourself and learning to become the best version of you. You stay silent, observe the people around you, which makes you an underdog with the most wit. You're not afraid to take big risks and be brave even when people don't expect it of you.
Arturo Roman

You got Arturito! You may be the most hated person in the show, but it wouldn't be interesting without you stirring chaos. You're loud, proud, and unafraid to speak out. Your fearlessness may often come across ignorant but to you, it's just a way to overcome your fears and be the hero that gets everyone to safety. Your intentions aren't always as it seems, though. So work that out within yourself before trying to help others.

You got Gandia! The main antagonist within the hostages. You are the most dangerous opponent who knows all the walls and corners of the Bank of Spain. You may be quiet and intimidating, but you can outsmart anyone with their heads combined. Without hesitation, your rash reactions can cause mayhem unlike any other.

You got Helsinki! Your pure heart and caring actions may not always show to anyone, because you pick those you will be open to. But as soon as someone gets you to open up, they will get your full love. You may look like an intimidating person on the outside, but you're truly a teddy bear once people get to know you. However, if they try to mess with your loved ones, you will show no mercy.

You got Bogota! You have your eyes on the prize and you don't let anything distract you. You tend to work quietly, but you are an effective worker and a good listener. It may not seem like it, but you are great at giving advice, too. It's because you have your priorities straight.

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