Miss Universe Catriona Gray’s Eventful Visit To South Africa

As part of her Miss Universe duties, Catriona Gray made a stop to South Africa. Because it was her first time to visit the country, she couldn’t hide her excitement.

Photo from @catriona_gray on Instagram

Miss Universe Catriona Gray gets busier even as her reign comes to a near close. Just recently, Catriona flew to South Africa to attend to events here and there.

Photo from @missuniverse on Instagram

Catriona took part in Miss South Africa 2019 as one of the judges along with Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters. The pageant served as a reunion for the two. 

Photo from @catriona_gray on Instagram

Catriona showed her unwavering support to LGBTQ+ community in the Feathers National LGBTI Campus Dialogue, which also aligns to her advocacy on youth welfare. The discussion enlightened her with the complexity of the challenges everyone is up against. 

Photo from @catriona_gray on Instagram

While in South Africa, Catriona enjoyed a quick Safari tour – also a first for her – in Legend Gold & Safari Resort. Catriona even captured lions up close. She expressed her concern on the condition of baby rhinos under The Rhino Orphanage. “Heartbreakingly, these babies come into the care of @therhinoorphanage because their mothers are killed in unethical poaching, still practiced widely today. As a consequence they come to this facility incredibly distressed, traumatized calling out for their mothers and sometimes eating sand out of stress.” Nevertheless, Catriona felt grateful with the whole amazing experience she had in South Africa and looks forward to visiting the country again. 

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