Miss Independent: What’s Next For Nadine Lustre As A Self-Managed Artist?

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Following the recent news of her terminating her contract with Viva Artist Agency, Nadine Lustre speaks up on her plans, what lies next, and where she goes from here on out in this exclusive.

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Barely catching our breath and bearings from the long-drawn out, already exhausting tempest of a January, and yet it seems another whirlwind of events is picking up just as any attempt to step out of this wringer is even made. From an alarming onslaught of global calamities, health and viral crises, and unexpected tragedies marring the hope splashed first month of the year, it looks as if we are definitely being led into the lions den. Needless to say, if all this is any indication, it will be quite the year, requiring an unparalleled grit, strength, and tenacity to pull through. And if there is anyone who is best equipped with these qualities, it has to be the tireless, indefatigable, and persistent Nadine Lustre.

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Trailing the recent announcement of her break-up from former flame, James Reid, as well as an onslaught of judgments from the jury called the internet and social media, she is making yet another bold move. In a statement released through the office of her lawyers, Kapunan & Castillo Law Offices, it has been made public that Consistent with her rights under the Civil Code of the Philippines, specifically Article 1920, she has decided to terminate her agency contract with Viva.” No further details have seen the light of day, but as it stands, Nadine Lustre is certain with her decision to take matters into her own from here on out. “Nadine is self-managed and will continue to be so on indefinitely. She shall directly manage her affairs from now on, and bookings and inquiries may be directly addressed to her,” the statement continues to read.

Meanwhile, Viva Artist Agency maintains that Nadine Lustre remains an exclusive artist, as she has a valid and subsisting contract. Under the law, Nadine cannot unilaterally withdraw from her contract with VIVA,” the management arm says in a following statement, further citing how any dealings or professional engagements entered into by Nadine, without the consent or approval of VIVA constitutes breach of contract.” And as things continue to escalate in all seriousness, Lorna Kapunan, her lawyer, sent in a word today saying, We welcome any legal action by Viva so their unconscionable, oppressive and illegal contract with Nadine (and their other artists) can be litigated in the proper forum.”

Sending a wave of shock through the showbiz industry, one that has truly seen almost everything possible at this point, this one reverberates quite strongly through a multitude of cores. Here you have an artist who, after so many years, is standing her ground to assert herself in terms of passions and pursuits in her name.

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There is nary a morsel of uncertainty to the voice of Nadine Lustre. Sitting in an all-black ensemble made interesting by a cropped jacket and her hair slicked into a no-fuss ponytail, her words are clear and distinct, confident and decided in every tumble of syllables. It becomes very apparent that she is a woman in total control. This time kasi, since Im self-managed, I guess youre right, I can create my own path,” she affirms. Its exciting, but its also going to be so much harder, but this time, I pick the people I want to work with.”

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This shouldnt come as a surprise to many, because Nadine Lustre has always been acutely aware of herself, her reach, and her effect. In so little words, she knows who she is, and will assert it without apology. But more than anything, this brave, bold move means that she gets to chase creative fulfilment. Miss independent, thats what I want to be. I mean, I dont want to sound ungrateful, but its like you have other people paving the way for you. Its much more different if youre doing it yourself, kasi at the end of the day, you get that sense of fulfilment na I did this myself; that I was in the process of paving that way for myself,” she reasons. ”Theres so much stuff I want to do, this time I can get the chance to do it. This time, I want to be fearless. You know, I want to be that person that people see as shes just doing her own thing. Im no longer scared to be judged. If thats how you see me, okay, I dont care—this is me. And there are people who are okay with that, because they know, Im just being myself. Im trying to live and enjoy life.”

So, what lies ahead for Nadine Lustre? I dont know how to tease without giving the details,” she says, letting out a hearty laughter as she shifts in her comfortable perch. Im pursuing new things this year, completely different from the Nadine before. There will be a lot more creative projects definitely, new genres. I want to get back into music, and Careless is there naman to help me. Secret pa yung iba, but all I can say is that people will get to know me more this year.”

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Trust us when we say, she is fiercely protective what the world can expect from the definitive multi-hyphenate that she is. Visibly excited of what is yet to come, she even resorts to physically covering her mouth so as not to divulge too much. Apart from a highly anticipated return to the #MakingMEGA series, this time in Rio de Janeiro, there is still so much to see, hear, and feel from Nadine Lustre in the coming months of what is quickly shaping to be a monumental year for her. Its going to be more personal, passionate, and more creative for me,” she ascertains, acknowledging how this leap into the unknown has her scared, too. Of course, because this time its all on me,” she says.

Doing things she has never done before, Nadine Lustre is raring and ready to hit the ground running with all the work to be done. There is no slowing down for her, because this time, things will be much more special, much more meaningful. I cannot wait to share all I can when I can, because now, its changing na din kasi. Its all about being real and Im going to give them, the real me.”