Mikee Romero's Work Ethic For Self-Actualization
Mikee Romero’s Work Ethic For Self-Actualization

Mikee Romero’s Work Ethic For Self-Actualization

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With a number of successful businesses and titles to his name, Mikee Romero proves that it only takes hard work to reach one’s full potential.

Prior to being a public servant, Mikee Romero is a born and bred all-around sportsman who has several notches under his belt. It takes mental fortitude to champion a sport, but as early as five years old, the congressman’s talent overflowed from one sport and into another.

During his childhood, he would spend summer vacations with his grandparents in Baguio to become an equestrian and fast forward years later he played in UAAP Basketball for De La Salle University, he earned a black belt in arnis, became a national jet ski champion in 2005, was part of the Philippine Trap Shooting team, and was the former Philippine Cycling Federation president.

When he wasn’t the player, he became the ultimate coach, earning the name “Godfather of Philippine Basketball.” He was the chief backer of the Philippine basketball team that produced several firsts during the 2007 Southeast Asian Games in Thailand.

“I always try to raise the bar and as an athlete, I’ve been taught to always beat my own record.

Mikee Romero


All of this begs another question: What drove Romero to work so hard, for so long? Yes, he seems to be naturally born with a dynamic ability, but it takes more than shooting hoops and earning titles to build a resounding empire. For the 49-year-old public servant, at the foundation of it all is his family.

The same way he approaches every other aspect in life, there is nothing less than 100% when it comes to Romero and the same goes for his and his wife Sheila’s focused and engaged parenting style. As parents, the two involve their children in the various businesses they’ve put up, but also leave room for them to follow their passions. “I’m hands-on with them as much as I am focused on my job as a congressman,” he says and teaches them the value of perseverance and being one with the people.

“In the same manner that they have to propagate many of the businesses I started, they also have to be makatao.”

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