Mikee Romero On The Business Of Changing People’s Lives

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Basketball godfather, business mogul and national leader, Michael “Mikee” Romero is leaving no stone unturned on his road to self-actualization.

A man who has built his empire from the ground up, he was raised as a professional athlete and made it to Forbes Philippines’ 50 Richest list at the early age of 41 with his profitable ventures. One would expect that from there, Romero would’ve stopped and retire early to a life that is more than secure but instead, he took on a bigger role as a congressman. Ultimately, finding his core in helping the Filipino people.

“When you’re in business, it’s just a handful that you can help but when I transferred to Congress, I was able to help thousands a year. So that’s the self-fulfillment from my side na hinahanap ko.”


As one of the primary makers of laws, upholding the spirit of the country’s constitution is no easy feat. Romero who is Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives in Political Affairs and the President of the Partylist Coalition Foundation which is the biggest group in Congress today, became the de facto spokesman for creating laws for those who need it the most. “I am motivated on creating laws that will help unburden and eradicate poverty in the Philippines.

We are a nation of 22% of our people living below the poverty line, meaning 2 to 3 out of 10 people you see on the streets do not eat 3 full meals a day,” he states. Equipping himself with doctorates in business and economics, he was ready to take on the good fight. “Now that I understand the economy and the needs of the business sector, naiintindihan ko ngayon ang kailangan ng bansa,” Romero says.

“Because I’m in Congress, I feel the pulse of the people.” It’s easy to say that one will dedicate its life in service of alleviating the poor. I mean we Filipinos have its shares of false promises from past leaders before, but Romero has the track record to back it up. The two-term and one of the youngest seated congressmen has already made 700 House Bills and 50 Republic Acts that includes scholarship programs and medical help that has reached thousands of medical beneficiaries.

“I fight for the right to live, the right to life of every Filipino.”

Mikee Romero

With his combination of athletic competitiveness and efficient work ethic, it enables him to be a leader who is unafraid to speak up and puts those words into action. “I’m a progressive person so I need the country to progress. I hope I’m doing good but as long as nakakatulong ako then that’s all that matters.”

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