The Multi-faceted Michele Morrone Redefines The Silver Screen

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After years of Italian representation on the big screen, Michele Morrone provides an elevated and classic take on the Sicilian mobster. 

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Michele Morrone is Hollywood’s newest breed of the matinée idol. This Italian star is making all the right career moves, while carrying along his tenacity for life. After almost a decade in the spotlight, Michele Morrone will now conquer his most creative project yet. In celebration of the Fall/Winter 2020 collection, he is introduced as the new worldwide face of GUESS Men’s. The international star kicked off his partnership with the brand during the holiday advertising campaign of their newest menswear collection. He worked hand in hand with Paul Marciano, the Chief Creative Officer of GUESS. Because of his creative mind and persistent attitude, fans from all over the world are excited for what’s in-store in the coming months. 

The Italian actor, singer, and fashion designer has been around the entertainment industry since 2011. After a few years of success in Italy, it was time for Morrone to take on an international pursuit. His film of choice to break out as a global figure was 365 Days, directed by Barbara Białowąs and produced by Netflix. Little did he know that this would sky rocket his career to lead him to what he is today. In just a few weeks after the premiere of 365 Days, the film quickly became one of the most popular movies in Netflix history. Since then, it has been streamed in over 200 countries- cementing Michele Morrone’s claim to fame.

The Multi-faceted Michele Morrone
Michele Morrone is a breed of his own. The man of the hour does not just act, but sings and designs, as well. He’s a creative soul with a decisive mind. In the film, 365 Days, he provided a track to the production that was later on used for the movie. His hard work and determination would be nothing without the artistic flair he uses to perfect his craft. Apart from this, many would describe Morone as a persistent individual. He doesn’t care about the superficialities of the spotlight. In an interview, he shared how he would rather be ugly on-screen, than jeopardise the overall artistic direction of the film.

As the Italian actor embarks on new opportunities, he keeps his mind open to trying out genres completely different to what he is used to. In fact, for his performance in Bar Giuseppe he had to lose a total of 9 lbs to rightfully portray the role of a drug dealer. The man is fearless, yet sound in each step of his career.

michele morrone, GUESS
Elevated creativity at every turn

As the newest worldwide face of GUESS Men’s, Morrone has a lot to offer on the table. He will be adding in a new international perspective to the GUESS team’s approach on Men’s wear. Aside from this, Morrone is willing to try out many different looks in the name of art and fashion for his newest collaboration.

The actor states in an interview, “The moment I met Paul, I knew I found a new mentor and friend.” The two were collaborative minds put together with the inspiration rooting from Paul Marciano’s love of Italian movie history. Morrone is quick to identify this as he continues, “We share the same values and goals. It’s an incredible feeling being able to have fun on set doing what I love, while having a sense of comfort that I’m now part of such an amazing family. Family and loyalty are important to me, and I want to take this brand and treat it as my own.”

michele morrone, GUESS
A man of progression
After garnering approximately over 10 million Instagram followers alone, the Italian actor is not ready to stop there. “Michele is an extremely hard worker, and a very ambitious and decisive man and these are all qualities I deeply appreciate. In a matter of minutes, we knew we were going to work together and a few weeks after that very first meeting we met again in Lake Como to shoot these spectacular images,” says Paul Marciano.

Through Michelle Morrone’s partnership with GUESS, we’ll be seeing more of his creative design capabilities expressed through his outfits. After all, the Italian actor is also known as a designer and entrepreneur in his own right, which is why, Morrone’s role in the company would not merely be the face, but also a representation of the GUESS brand itself.

“This campaign marks the launch of our new GUESS men’s collection, reflecting our new focus on elevated, classic, and high-quality styles which is perfectly in-line with Michele Morrone’s personality” says Paul Marciano.

michele morrone, GUESS

The Sicilian mobster redefined
Truly, Michele Morrone was able to create a multi-faceted character that sets him aside from the other leading Italian men on film. He has humanized the Italian mobster stereotype beloved by many throughout the years. And, has displayed the human experience of love and primal desire on the big screen unlike any before. There is much to expect from Michele Morrone as he continues to carry the legacy of the Italian mobster while incorporating his own modern twist.