#MEGAHasChanged: This Is The New Phase Of A Bolder And Braver MEGA
#MEGAHasChanged: This Is The New Phase Of A Bolder And Braver MEGA

#MEGAHasChanged: This Is The New Phase Of A Bolder And Braver MEGA

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Turning the page of a very fresh chapter, MEGA has changed—unveiling a rise to the occasion right before our own eyes. 

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Yes, the rumors are true: We are making a change.

In the past 28 years, MEGA has positioned itself as a formidable game-changer in the country’s fashion and publishing industry. From a necessary revisit to its humble beginnings that traces itself at a chicken farm with the original MEGA woman, Sari Yap, and a very small team with a rotary dial phone, beepers, and everyone stifling in heat, MEGA has always welcomed change. In fact, looking back at our history to the present, it is that one thing constant that just keeps on carving out the very inspiration we turn to and eventually, give.

Without a doubt, the pandemic has wreaked havoc to a lot of existing businesses from all over the world. Whether small or large scale, everyone has had a hard time responding the paradigm shift–adapting to the changes and settling down to the drastic challenges. “The role of the magazines after COVID-19 has really changed. We are no longer a product that curates products for people to buy. Instead, we provide ideas on how to make their lives better,” says Suki Salvador, VP for Content and Creatives at One Mega Group. With the unwavering passion of the people behind and in front of us, we’re evolving and soaring higher amidst the pandemic. Yes, behind a wonderful and steadfast team, we have been working even harder to put together something more exciting to inform and inspire your lives.  

mega changed

From avant-garde covers to meaningful stories, we stay true to putting the people first—what they want and what they need to see. MEGA, as a trailblazing brand, continues to expand our titles and our platforms that definitely will exceed expectations. Together with this change, which was, is, and will always be anchored on innovative storytelling, there is a lot more to expect from MEGA. Opening the doors to a redefined influence, the existing and new energy of MEGA are worth browsing and living by. As we work to remain at the forefront of what we are most fortunate to do, we’re sifting through everything to provide some real insights. In this new phase of MEGA, we are exploring a bigger take on the fashion and beauty directions, which we can’t wait for you to finally witness in the coming days. 

Whatever the circumstance, we at MEGA endure to cater to you as we navigate the transformations of the times—this isn’t just our story, it is yours, too. Change is constant; change is necessary; change is good. So, yes, MEGA has changed, and we like it that way—and we hope you will, too.

Additional text by Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena