MEGA Woman Roxanne Ang-Farillas Empowers Women Through Fashion
MEGA Woman Roxanne Ang-Farillas On Empowering Women Through Fashion

MEGA Woman Roxanne Ang-Farillas On Empowering Women Through Fashion

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Starting a retail company here in the Philippines has never been easy. A lot of people have tried but only a few succeeded—one of which is Roxanne Ang-Farillas, the woman behind Plains and Prints.

Celebrating 25 years in the retail industry, it’s undeniable that Plains and Prints experienced a lot of changes. In fact, Roxanne shared that she sees her brand as a creative platform. It is a constantly changing organism that touches the lives of women through the clothes they wear.

Roxanne Ang-Farillas for MEGA Online February issue

With her incredibly striking fashion sense, Roxanne is able to fuse classic elegance with contemporary beauty. This then is translated to all of the pieces showcased by Plains and Prints, one collection after another.

But more than the aesthetic, Roxanne finds it really important that fashion empowers women with what they wear. The inspiring story behind the creation of the clothes must stay. Why? Because for Roxanne, fashion comes and goes.

Roxanne Ang-Farillas for MEGA Online February issue

That’s why whenever we witness a Plains and Prints collaboration with accomplished labels and designers like Aranaz and Mark Bumgarner, it always becomes a timeless piece exuding none other than sophistication. After all, echoing her own words: “Fashion is the best representation of who you are and who you want to be.”

Roxanne Ang-Farillas for MEGA Online February issue

This February, we put the MEGA Woman online spotlight on Roxanne Ang-Farillas as she continues to empower women through Plains and Prints. As we recently got a chance to talk to her, we got a closer glimpse into her stylish life and brand.

What is your earliest fashion memory?

In high school, instead of buying RTW clothes, I would go to fabric shops to buy different fabrics. Then I have it sewn by a dressmaker in Greenhills.

Who was your fashion role model when you were growing up?

I was more inspired by fashion through traveling and seeing other people from different parts of the world dress up.

What is your opinion on today’s fashion?

Fashion is always ever-changing. It goes on like a cycle so it’s something that is always evolving that keeps everyone excited and makes every fashion lover look forward to what is to come.

How much do you think has the brand evolved since its fruition 25 years ago?

A lot of changes happened in a span of 25 years for Plains & Prints. From our humble beginnings selling shirts to creating consumer-friendly couture-inspired designs, the brand has truly established itself as a go-to local brand for the women of today.

It [became] a creative platform that allows us to showcase our advocacies. It is a creative platform that gives space and exposure to local designers to bring their incredible artistry to a wider audience, while still keeping our brand heritage.

Who is the Plains & Prints woman of today?

The Plains & Prints woman is discerning not only of the clothes on her back but also of the unique stories and inspirations that excite and motivate her choices. She is someone who values her hard earned money.

She desires pieces that are not only stylish at the moment but will continue to bring her joy and pride throughout the years. The Plains & Prints woman is stylish and brings her best in all her undertakings.

What were your favorite collaborations with the brand?

Each collection was special, and every collaboration was a celebration of passion and hard work between creative forces. I could honestly say that all our collaborations sparked special, unforgettable experiences.

At the end of the day, they were created to reach an ultimate goal: to make high end, couture craftsmanship be more accessible to Filipinas. We opened our doors to incredible local creatives throughout the years. I feel so proud that we are able to constantly empower local industries that ultimately empower women through fashion.

Where do you see Plains & Prints in the years to come?

I see Plains & Prints expanding and discovering new and incredible paths. As a brand, I see it soaring beyond our borders, beyond what we have accomplished in the past. As a storyteller and tastemaker, I see Plains & Prints will continue to inspire and motivate women to seek elegance in their daily lives through fashion.

Plains & Prints‘ latest collection is now available nationwide starting today, February 7.

Photography by Erwin Canlas of New Monarq Creativx assisted by Ysa Canlas
Makeup by Anton Patdu by New Monarq Creativx
Hair by Boggy Diaz by New Monarq Creativx

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