MEGA Picks: These Are The Best Café Drinks To Warm You Up This Holiday Season
MEGA Picks: These Are The Best Café Drinks To Warm You Up This Holiday Season

MEGA Picks: These Are The Best Café Drinks To Warm You Up This Holiday Season

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Is it coffee or tea? There’s no better way to start your morning or get a good afternoon break than to grab a cup of your favorite café drink.

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Holiday is just around the corner and the chilly mornings would often catch us in a daze. Whether it’s a cup of warm tea or coffee warm or over ice, it definitely sends us a jolt of energy we need for the day. And for our weekly MEGA picks, here are the editor-approved café drinks available in our go-to coffee shops.

Soy Milk-based Hibiscus Tea (With Maxed Pomegranate Pearls)

“For a non-caffeinaholic like me, I prefer milk-based tea drinks. My friend suggested I level up my Hibiscus Tea by replacing water with soy milk and maxing the amount of Pomegranate pearls, which surprisingly tastes like yoghurt. This might seem like a Starbucks drink hacks, so go ahead and let the Barista mix it all up.” — Alinea Hernandez, Digital Beauty and Features Writer

TWG’s Hagen Mountain Tea

“Whenever I want a good ‘ol cup of tea, I can confidently say that TWG is a good idea. And since I can’t drink coffee anymore due to its high caffeine content, I can only rely on sweets and tea to keep me awake. Hence, my go-to would undeniably its Hagen Mountain Tea from Papua New Guinea. The moment you taste it, you’ll easily distinguish it’s black tea because of its rich and bold flavor. Now I think that’s the best way to start your day—especially if you can’t drink coffee like me.” — Daniel Reyes, Digital Fashion Writer

White Mocha Americano (No Water With A Splash Of Breve)

“As a person who absolutely hates mornings, I need my coffee accessible. Starbucks’ barista drink is my perfect blend because it’s strong but sweet and the splash of breve makes it creamy.” — Elyse Ilagan, Digital Features Editor

Soy Latte

“I have always wanted coffee in my system ever since, seriously. While I am definitely trying to lessen it now, especially when I found out how everyday milk intake can be bad for your skin, I now opt for Soy Latte until it became my go-to café drink. A healthier version, indeed.” — Shaira Bungcag, Multimedia Artist. 

Hot Americano

“It keeps me awake during holiday rush. Yes, it’s on the bitter side but I need my energy quick and the heat helps wake me up.” — Thea Martin, Editorial Admin Associate.

Chai Tea Latte

“There’s a two-fold reason as to why I prefer tea over coffee. Aside from a life-changing trip to a tea farm in Chiang Rai, Thailand years back, my system rejects copious amounts of coffee by way of moderate palpitations. Instead of moping about it, I have grown to love tea-based drinks more. Whether it be a straight up herbal or black blend dunked in a hot cup of water with honey or a warm mug of spice-spiked Chai Tea Latte, it is sure to send a dose of comfort to my body, especially when it is topped with an extra dash of cinnamon.”—Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena, Digital Content Editor