MEGA Cover Girl Gabbi Garcia Was Only Meant To Shine Brighter
MEGA Cover Girl Gabbi Garcia Was Only Meant To Shine Brighter

MEGA Cover Girl Gabbi Garcia Was Only Meant To Shine Brighter

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Gabbi Garcia may be relatively new to the industry compared to her contemporaries, but it is safe to say that she has grown to be one of today’s brightest stars. Since being chosen as one of the lead stars for a 2014 primetime series in GMA, My Destiny, her career has skyrocketed, leading her to star in the show Encantadia as well and become the first Filipino regional ambassador in Asia for an international hair care brand.

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The star is also grateful for 2017’s Making Mega shoot for MEGAstyle, considering it as one of the highlights of her career: “My Making Mega shoot in Nice, France also happens to be the first print issue for MEGAstyle, so it felt so nice to be a part of that,” she says, adding, “Bonding with the team also made me so happy, they felt like family.”

During the shoot, we saw a different side of Garcia, watching her naturally transform into a sophisticated model. While posing for a cover seemed like a piece of cake for her, she humbly shares that she gained a lot of new insight from the shoot: “I learned that modeling for a cover isn’t all glitz and glamour. You need to have the attitude and the passion for it. I also learned to appreciate what went behind the scenes.”

Today, she is as confident as ever, wearing a delicately embellished gown by the AMATO by Furne ONE. Garcia effortlessly slips into this glamorous persona as she poses for the camera. The critically-acclaimed fashion house has been the choice of many celebrities, both local and international.

The 19-year-old, who describes herself as a spontaneous person in terms of her career, is certainly aware of not falling under the trap of getting too comfortable with a stereotype. “I don’t want to stick to a certain angle in my career where people can say, Oh, eto lang siya. I want to work on things outside the box, outside my comfort zone,” she says.

To continue getting out of her comfort zone, Garcia shares that she has been traveling and mingling with different types of people, as it opens up her eyes to the world. “In show business, it’s not enough that you’re talented at acting or singing. It’s about knowing how to play the game. You have to be a well-rounded person as well.” By this point, it was evident that we were speaking to a young woman who is equipped with a rare wisdom that is well beyond her years. “I look at where I am now and remember that it has only been four years. I must be doing something right so I want to continue what it is I’ve been doing,” she adds.

“I am content with where I am, but I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied,” starts Garcia with a knowing smile, “Sabi nga nila, never be satisfied. In terms of my career, I’m always looking forward to doing more.”