MEGA Cover Girl Nadine Lustre Reveals What Keeps Her Passion Burning

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For a young woman who seems to have the world and more, Nadine Lustre proves that she is pretty much like the rest of us simply trying to navigate life. With a lot on her horizon, the multi-hyphenate superstars shows us the key to keep on keeping on, even when the going gets tough.

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It is a little too hard to believe that Nadine Lustre still gets a dose of pressure at this point. With a glowing professional resume that boasts of sold out concert performances here and abroad, skyrocketing box-office sales, impressive ratings for TV shows and even bringing her vision come to life through a hot-selling, a well-received beauty collection (aptly called Lustrous), as well as recently winning a Myx Award for Music Video of the Year for her co-directorial work for James Reid’s hit, The Life, she seems to quite frankly have it all. But as it can be quite hard for people to believe, the multi-hyphenate hyper-creative is but human, too.

Uncharacteristically a little sheepish, she reveals her dream of being able to write music for her own album. We wouldn’t have comprehended what it was exactly as she let it out in what seemed to be a stage whisper, as if toeing the line between expressing her true desires versus keeping it in to incubate to its full potential. “Now, that’s pressure,” she laughs when we express delight and perhaps a dash of excitement to the prospect. “I’m not necessarily good with words, with writing—yet,” she admits. “That’s why I’m learning. I’ve been reading a lot lately.” You have to hand to the young lady, when she wants something, she goes for it with unmatched gusto. Not only that, she also intends to go into it prepared.

This is perhaps what makes Nadine Lustre the woman and star that she is—she dreams big and works hard, but never to boast or impress others. Whatever she does, it is to feed her persistently creative soul and to give a sense of joy to others. In fact, this has been the dream for her ever since she started wading through the tempestuous waters of show business. “Actually, my main goal when I entered showbiz was to make people happy. I’m still happy that I’m still doing it, and now, I get to inspire people as well.  The dream hasn’t changed; natupad lang siya,” she reflects. “I realized that no matter how tired I am, kahit feeling ko ‘di ko na kaya, but at the end of the day, I’m making people happy—so that pushed me to keep working hard.”

Without a doubt, Nadine works really hard, and everything she is accorded with now is a direct result of the hustle she has toiled for over the years. And she doesn’t just stop at skating by; she goes for it and dreams even bigger than she did the last. Couple that with her penchant for honesty and realness, then her being a poster-child for the Millennial generation of the Philippines is warranted with good measure.  And just like any other rabid Millennial navigating the throes of adulthood (and a generation before them), Nadine Lustre is a glowing, nay, lustrous beacon that ensures the rest of the world that the future is not only going to be better. It could be very well the best—yet.