MEGA Cover Girl Maja Salvador Proves That Sticking To Your Truth Will Take You Places

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An actress who has proven her mettle on the silver screen and even in many different pursuits she sets her mind to, Maja Salvador manages to stun and surprise us with her choices and growth. Keeping true to her own self, she shows us that this affinity for honesty will take you further than you ever dreamed of.

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In this industry, especially one within the realm of show business, an unspoken but cardinal rule is to never assume that people will remember you. This isn’t to insinuate negative or untoward, of course. The hard truth of the matter is, there are so many people that interact on different levels on a daily basis that even for the most social and extroverted, it will prove difficult to catch up.

However, every once in a while, someone will surprise you with more than just a recall of name or a quick pick up from the last professional conversation that is coddled in friendly banter. Maja Salvador will not only remember you, but she will engage in a genuine conversation as if you were lifelong friends who just caught up on the latest detail of each other’s lives. It is unnerving, but also a pleasant and welcome surprise. But if you really think about it, it isn’t out of character for the talented multi-hyphenate.

“Isa sa biggest achievements sa career ng isang artista ang magka-cover, lalo na sa MEGA,” relates Maja, further illustrating how much gratitude the artiste has towards the magazine that has seen her grow throughout her tenure in the industry.  From a bright-eyed up-and-come, to a vision of a siren in the roaring 20s, and even going all out in the lush savannah of South Africa, she has practically documented her growth all these years in fine print. Speaking of growth, Maja Salvador is truly one of those women who have truly expanded her horizons over the years, taking on challenging roles and even testing her mettle in areas she is admittedly not as strong in. But through it all, she emerges triumphant.

Along with the victories that have come her way, she acknowledges that this isn’t something that she will always be accorded. This is why she is most thankful to MEGA, because even she doubted herself, the magazine has always believed in the story that she had to tell, whatever it may be.  At this point of her life, however, she is at the stage where she is set to write a new chapter yet again. “Andun ako sa iwe-welcome ko na ang pagiging 30,” she exhales, a little chuckle escaping her lips. “Hindi ko pa naman pine-pressure ang sarili ko, pero andun ako sa inaalam ko ano pa ang kaya kong i-offer. ‘Di ba, andaming bagong artista ngayon? Siyempre, mapapaisip ka talaga pero at the end of the day, i-a-assure mo sa sarili mo na kung ano yung para sa akin, para yun sa akin.”

All things considered, Maja Salvador keeps on keeping on because of the goals and dreams she has set since the early onset of her career. While these have since been fulfilled tenfold over the years, there still remains a trove of dreams she wishes to see come true. “Hindi dapat mag-end doon,” she explains of looking beyond and not being content with what just is. “Dapat merong bago and mas malaki sa kung ano ang dreams na natupad na.”

For her, there are many goals to keep and much more dreams to see beyond deep slumber and daydreams, and she will not stop until she has ticked off all these boxes, for herself and those around her. This isn’t just some form of lip service either, because Maja Salvador as we have affirmed many times over, is the realest of real deals.