MEGA Cover Girl Kisses Delavin Braves A New World With Wisdom Beyond Her Years

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Since discovering a new world beyond her in the Czech Republic, Kisses Delavin reveals a new sense of self with a truth and wisdom that is well beyond her years.

Coming into the room, Kisses Delavin radiates an effervescence about her. The wide-eyed 19-year-old beauty is captivating in her own right—able to command a room with a flash of her endearing smile and it wasn’t far-fetched to believe how she was chosen as a Making MEGA star.

Flying out to her first international shoot in the enchanting scape of Czech Republic, Delavin traversed the land of stories strutting her best poses against medieval castles and gothic churches; a landscape truly fit for a princess. Engulfed in her blossoming youth, what lies beneath her gleeful disposition and semblance of fragility is a tough, self-aware young lady strengthened by her cumbersome life experiences as a child. But now as a full- fledged adult, Delavin rises staunch and unshakable—continuing her ascent as a breakthrough artist. Since her awe-inspiring feat in Making MEGA, the star notes how much she has learned from the dream-like adventure—greatly improving in her work and knowing how to handle herself better.

And while she celebrates these small but worthwhile achievements, Delavin sets even bigger goals for herself, such as evolving her acting abilities and being able to turn on the switch as soon as the director calls action. “Gusto ‘kong ma-tick off sa list, ‘yung pagbigay sayo [ng script], memorized mo na agad, alam mo na agad yung emotions. Ayun yung pinakamaganda,” she shares. One would think that Delavin would be used to the stardom by now but she takes refuge from the strong current and takes inspiration from serenity—leaving herself with her thoughts. “I’m most inspired [by] the calm moments na napapaisip ka na lang na I’m so blessed, I have all these things going on in my life. Sometimes when it’s quiet, you think about everything you have [and] that’s when you are more inspired to do more than what is asked of you,” she says with a radiant smile.

At this point in time, half a year after Making MEGA, she seems to be at her absolute best—hinting big projects in the works and armed with a positive frame of mind; determined and forward-thinking. “My goal for now is to do my best with everything that I’m given; [to] do it with full of love that I don’t waste a day doing it without passion.”

After all her battles, Kisses Delavin comes out strong and unscathed, revved up and ready to take on the world.