MEGA Cover Girl Janella Salvador Looks Back And Shows Us Why She Is Her Best Self Yet

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Settling into the groove of writing a new chapter in her life, Janella Salvador looks back on her #MakingMEGA journey and how it has helped shape her into this best version of herself—yet.

The human mind is such a beautifully complex thing, really. Much has been said and written about, often in the romantic and highly visceral sense, but when it comes down to it, nothing comes close to the ability of the mind to override everything once it has locked itself to a goal, dream or something of the related sort. Much holds true for Janella Salvador, who just a few hours before being dolled up and swathed in a frothy fantasy of a Furne One creation, she had just barely settled into the city, incidentally coming straight from a trip to Dubai.

Game-faced and ready to go, she buckled down and nailed all of her shots in blazing time, with no signs of slowing down or exhaustion to her. This isn’t the least bit surprising as barely even a year ago, Janella Salvador was the subject of an opportune trip to Portugal for #MakingMEGA. ““It was a step towards where I want to be talaga,” she verbalizes of what she files as once-in-a-lifetime, soul-stirring sojourn.  “It’s really when I went to Portugal with MEGA that made me realize so much about myself. I really learned a lot,” she reiterates. “When we were talking, even the things that I was saying, I didn’t expect them to come from my mouth. It made realize that even if sometimes you feel down or under appreciated; you just have to focus on the things that were given to me instead of things that aren’t there yet.”

There is clearly something different to the entire being of Janella Salvador—and we mean that in the nicest possible way. Watching her interface with the people around her, even as far as coalescing wisdom and whimsy to her words, is without being patronizing, a joy to witness unravel. “You will see a different Janella,” she declared during the early promotions of her #MakingMEGA documentary last year. Sure, everyone boldly says that at many a point of their lives, but for the young actress, she really did enact a wave of change to her life. It isn’t something from left field either, as during the course of our travels around the perpetually sepia-tinted city of Algarve and Lisbon in Portugal, Janella Salvador has made mention of it being a crossroads in her life.

Today, she has cleared the fork in the road. Eagle-eyed and focused on a definite direction all on her own accord, she chalks this paradigm shift, again, to her #MakingMEGA experience. “I’m not saying just because ha,” she assures us. “When I read the whole [article about me], even I learned a lot more about myself. Seriously, I felt like I got to know myself even more because of it. It was a direction to a more mature me.”

Settling into this self-prescribed new chapter in her life, Janella Salvador makes sure that despite moving forward, she anchors herself to what really drives her sans all the layers of the day-to-day. “No matter what happens, it’s important to remember why you started in the first place,” she reminds us, including herself. “It is what will keep you grounded and motivate you to keep on going.”

Spoken like a wisened woman who has gone through the wringer? Well, whatever the case may be, Janella Salvador is set to command a future that is even more than ever before.