MEGA Cover Girl Elisse Joson Reveals Why There Is More To Her Than Meets The Eye

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Sure, she possesses a beauty that is made for the classic romantic narratives of our time, the surface level aside, Elisse Joson proves that there is more to her than meets the eye.

Things are beaming at the horizon of Elisse Joson. Shortly after earning her break from a fast food commercial, Joson captivated the nation with her innocent charm and girl-next- door allure in Pinoy Big Brother. This became the gateway for the young star to step foot in what was a threshold of her dreams and now she’s slowly ticking each one off her list.

She considers her Making MEGA feat a huge milestone; this being the biggest project of her early career where she truly blossomed and thus, we came to see another side of Elisse Joson. “It was really something big that happened in my early career. The whole experience, it opened doors for me. Also, in the fashion industry and not just in showbiz, which is good because I would want to be a part of that,” she tells excitedly, especially coming from a fashion design background prior to entering the ‘biz.

After a huge breakthrough with her September cover and Turkey escapade, Joson shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. “At this point, lagi ‘kong sinasabi na when I do something, especially future projects given to me, gusto ‘kong ipakita yung different sides that I can do, hindi lang yung makilala dahil sa pangalan or sa itsura, I want to be able to be a versatile actress here in the Philippines,” expresses Joson and adds how she wants to keep flourishing and see her development for herself. “Gusto ko yung improvement ko, makita. Siyempre sa simula, madami pang kailangan matutunan. I want to be able to stay here long para makita yung growth ko.”

Not only that but being the big dreamer that she is, Joson opens up about her desire to eventually earn a piece of recognition for her talents. “To be able to be nominated because of an acting piece is one [milestone I want to achieve] and the next is siyempre yung manalo ka, makakuha ng award because of yung pinakita ‘kong skill,” she shares.

Although her main focus is on her film and television ventures, Joson is more than just an actress—possessing a creative identity outside of showbiz and dabbling in artistic pursuits such as painting and fashion, one particularly close to her heart. “Sa fashion, gusto ko din maka-achieve ng milestone na makilala din na meron akong other side bukod sa acting and everything that’s going on in showbiz. Meron din akong side na iba [like in] fashion that’s very close to me.”

With every accomplishment, Joson treasures it greatly and recognizes it as a sign to advance further. “It gives me the motivation to keep going kasi sometimes itatanong mo sa sarili mo, ano ba talagang ginagawa ko dito? May pupuntahan pa ba? But when you think about your goals, dun mo maiisip na I can’t give up yet, I can’t quit because I still have to be able to reach this.” She seems to have a cognizant mindset at this point in her budding career—able to take setbacks and rejections as even more reasons to progress.

This passionate 22-year-old’s approach is simple— to keep a positive attitude and be receptive to ideas. Armed with equanimity and big ambitions, it’s not dubious to say that Elisse Joson will inevitably reach new heights. From here on out, the only way is up.—SS