Meet The Diverse All Star Team That Is Here To Break Down Barriers

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It’s up to the youth to break down the barriers that have held us back for hundreds of years. Let’s start with some All Star Filipino pride.

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We’ve got to face the truth: we are divide. In a country with 7,107 islands, how can we not be? From Luzon to Mindanao, we have varying beliefs, languages, religion, culture, and economic standing. Despite all of this, Filipino have always found a way to come together in times of crisis. We support each other no matter how big or small the differences may be. That’s the unique trait we have in our people: The Bayanihan Spirit. You can see it being lived out through our local community pantries and the Frontliners who have volunteered in COVID-19 shelters.

In most of the aforementioned advocacies and drives, you can find the participation of the youth. Being young doesn’t necessarily have to mean you’re naive anymore. Now, most of the movers and shakers of Generation Z are woke. Which means, they use their platforms to bring attention to what really matters. If we were to focus on seven individuals who have made it a point to walk the talk, then we’ve got to mention the Converse All Star Team. They’re compromised of young bright minds that come from different fields in the industry. And, with the support of Converse they are here to speak their truth and stand for what is right. Find out who the seven voices are in Converse’s fight to breaking barriers.

Timmy Albert
Rising Musician
After being nominated for best performance for Lovebug in The 33rd Awit Awards, Timmy Albert’s career took off. Currently, he has 1.8 million streams under his belt along with 549,200 listeners for the year 2020. The rising musician gives the industry a breath of fresh air with his youthful ambition and distinctive tunes.

“I think what makes an All Star revolves around passion. Inspiring others to have the All Star mindset means to not be individual and represent something bigger than yourself. Being an All Star means you’re part of a group of people who experienced trials but demand change.” –Timmy Albert

all star

Pauline Gaston
Volleyball Star Player
You may know this volleyball star as Ponggay Gaston, but her birth name is actually Pauline. Aside from being an ace in the court, she’s also a queen on social media. After garnering around 300,000 followers, the athlete has created a community of followers that she converses with on the daily. She promotes a fit and healthy life that is lived to the fullest.

“In sports an All Star team would be the best of the best, so an all star should be well accomplished and highly skilled. Having an all star complex would mean thinking like you can achieve anything you put your heart and mind to. An All Star would be someone who shows outstanding character and performance.” –Pauline Gaston

all star

Dora Dorado
Social Media Star and Activist
Make no mistake, @doracrybaby is not a cry baby. On the contrary, Dora Dorado is as fearless as it gets. He’s been a speaking out about issues that truly matter on his platforms, while rocking a mullet. I mean, how much cooler can you get? This social media star and activist is unapologetically real and that’s what everyone loves about him.

“You converse. You talk and listen. And you keep doing what you are doing. Watching people continue doing what they love, is an inspiring act in itself. You never know the lengths your ripples will go.” –Dora Dorado

all star

Garren Jersey Evangelist
Multimedia Artist and Student
Let’s give some love to the art community. The unsung heroes of every campaign, advertisement, and online business are the ones who spend day and night editing the arts. The best representative for this line of profession is multimedia artist and student, Garren Jersey Evangelist. She is best known for her promotional posters of tourist spots here in the Philippines.

“The trait that I want to amplify is a strong work ethic. Filipinos are hard working people and we always find creative ways to earn a living.” –Garren Jersey Evangelist

David Murrell
Basketball Rookie Aspirant
From the West Coast to the Pearl of the Orient, David Murrell is here to make waves in the local basketball scene. The basketball rookie aspirant was a UP Fighting Maroon and now an NLEX Road Warrior. He puts in the work everyday to be the All Star he sets himself to become. After an amazing collegiate run in UP, he’s developed a great sense of focus to get the ball where he wants it.

“As an All Star, I can do my best in everything I do and use my basketball platform to inspire others to bring out the best of themselves as well. But it’s up to you to decide what type of person you want to be. So fight, stay strong, and believe in yourself.” –David Murrell

Kyline Alcantara
Singer and Primetime Teen Actress
Kyline Alcantara is not your regular Kapuso star. She’s brave young actress who is ready to make a stance for what she believes in. The golden haired chinita is a fashion enthusiast, animal lover, and an advocate for sustainability. She constantly posts about ways we can take care of the planet better through rearranging our lifestyles.

“Resilience. I think the beauty of resilience is not just picking yourself up after the chaos, rebuilding what is broken, and smiling. But, the thought that you have overcome this and that you learned something about it and you will never forget it.” –Kyline Alcantara

Pia Wurtzbach
Actress, Beauty Queen, and UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador
We would like to thank the world, the universe rather, for giving us Pia Wurtzbach. Her win in the Miss Universe pageant may have been in 2015, but she has continued to fight for her advocacy with UNAIDS. Aside from this, the beauty queen has been keeping herself busy by attending multiple youth talks and involving herself in philanthropic work.

“Many Filipinos face the barriers of social & economic injustice. These existing barriers have been present for decades, and Filipinos are aware of these barriers, yet a majority of the nation believe these cases are helpless and unsolvable.” –Pia Wurtzbach