Meet 10 Emerging Filipino Artists Who Are Changing The Music Industry

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Filipino music is changing and we’re all here for it. Meet the 10 Filipino Artists who are elevating the game one song at a time.

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When we think of OPM, we think of a particular sound. It could be (a) ethnic Filipino music, (b) hardcore rock bands, or (c) classic love songs that you could belt to. But, when we look at OPM as a spectrum, we’re faced with numerous artists and genres that are just waiting to be discovered. As a Filipino, I think it’s important to make an effort to know these new sounds in the industry. We should give local artists a chance to be seen as equal to international acts. Although we’ve got a long way to go, it’s nice to know that these local artists are fighting to elevate Filipino music everyday. They are the renegades of the generation who constantly push the boundaries that define what OPM is. So, without further ado, meet the 10 young movers and shakers of the Filipino music industry.

Nathan & Mercury
During the time music festivals were still possible, Nathan & Mercury took a chance and competed in the 2019 Wanderband Finals. They took the runner-up position and never looked back. Since then, they’ve made the most out of their music careers by delivering a new sound to the industry.
Listen to: Fools by Nathan & Mercury

Angela Ken
You may have heard Angela Ken on your FYP (For You Page). She was the singer-songwriter who went viral on TikTok for her original song, “Ako Naman Muna.” Since then, she has risen to national fame that has garnered her song a spot in the hit TV series, Huwag Kang Mangamba.
Listen to: Ako Naman Muna by Angela Ken

Manila Grey
Hailing from Vancouver, Manila Grey has been raising the Filipino flag from thousands of miles away. The R&B duo consists of two Filipino Canadians, namely: Ghostride Neeko and Blame Soliven. Before the pandemic, the duo visited the Philippines for a concert.
Listen to: Timezones by Manila Grey

Teta Melo is the stylish songstress behind Mariamaria. Don’t be fooled by her angelic demeanor. This artist is a killer on the stage with her natural stage presence and superstar aura. She has even performed on international stages in Hong Kong and more.
Listen to: Feels Like I’m Using You by Mariamaria ft. Jigo Viriña

Any Name’s Okay
Want to stan a band that fans over BTS? Then, it’s time to look into Any Name’s Okay. Their vocalist, Sofia Abrogar, wrote a song inspired by BTS’ “V.” This just goes to show how creative this band can be when it comes to their music. As of recent, they’ve celebrated 500,000 streams for their song “All I Feel and See.”
Listen to: Clouds by Any Name’s Okay

MEGAStyle’s October 2020 cover girl, LESHA, is the self-made artist that started her career with pure resilience. She wrote, produced, and song all her songs in the bedroom before landing a record deal. On top of that, she shot and directed all her first music videos to kick off her music career.
Listen to: Ciao, Bella by Lesha

Jason Dhakal
Brave and unapologetic like his music, Jason Dhakal has fearlessly embedded his voice in the industry. He has elevated the scene with amazing visuals on his music videos and pushed genderless fashion through his performance attire. Now, he continues to push the boundaries with his authentic sound through social media.
Listen to: Past Curfew by Jason Dhakal ft. dot.jaime

Music runs in the family with Ysanygo. Siblings, Ynigo and Isabel Ferraz, have created a musical concoction in their genre-less songs. This concept frees them from playing by the rules and staying in the box. Plus, you’ll be blown away from their amazing live performances.
Listen to: Friday Afternoon Drive by Ysanygo ft. marciano

CARELESS has pushed artists from different parts of the Philippines to their absolute best. One of these artists is Dumaguete-based rapper, Massiah. He’ll give Drake a run for is money, because the man has claimed his music as sad boy turnt. More than that, the artist pushes himself everyday through hard work with various collaborations.
Listen to: Balenciaga by CARELESS ft. Massiah, KINGwAw, and Midnasty

Basically Saturday Night
Another band that made their name in Wanderband is Basically Saturday Night. Despite their run in the competition being in 2018, the band’s influence has not stopped. Many fans are urging them to create more music that features their unique sound. Nevertheless, we’re sure they have more in store for us in the coming years.
Listen to: El Poder by Basically Saturday Night