Maymay Entrata Welcomes Love Back Into Her Life
Maymay Entrata Welcomes Love Back Into Her Life

Maymay Entrata Welcomes Love Back Into Her Life

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Maymay Entrata’s heart is in the right place. After a year of working on herself, she has finally welcomed love back into her life.

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In the Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote, “There are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice.” After five years under the spotlight, Maymay Entrata has encountered numerous types of love: first love, career love, unconditional love, and the most important, self love. In each encounter with her great loves, she has learned something new about herself. And just like Ariana Grande, she closed the chapter of her previous narrative and said, “Thank you, next.” Now, Maymay takes on her career, lifestyle, and relationships with a different perspective. She has learned to build a focused demeanor towards her craft, while keeping an elevated level of awareness for herself. There is so much more to look forward to when we asked her about the future. However, the first step begins in Maymay’s transition to an art piece for her April 2021 cover for MEGAStyle.

Neon sculptural dress by JAN GARCIA

Accepting Her Flaws And Moving On From Regret

We have all grown up with a preconceived idea of beauty that was spoon-fed to us at an early age. Whether it was to have fair skin, straight hair, or to stay a certain weight, these concepts of beauty have influenced our perception of ourselves.

Iba iba ang pananaw natin kung ano ang maganda. For most of us, we identify something beautiful with the standards of beauty we grew up with or with what is dictated by culture and society,”


Yellow pleated pantsuit by JESSAN MACATANGAY

The young actress was no different from all of us, she was also a victim of societal expectations of beauty. Because of this, she wasn’t able to take risks and be her true self. That changed as she approached her fifth year in show business. She started opening herself up to the wisdom of veteran actors, such as: Bea Alonzo, Maja Salvador, Sarah Geronimo, and many others. After which, Maymay had an epiphany. She is now taking more time to really get to know herself and love the person she’s becoming. When asked about her definition of beauty now, she says, “Nakikita ko ang kagandahan sa bawat pagiging perpekto at sa bawat pagkukulang na mayroon sa ating mundo. Bali, Nakikita ko ang kagandahan kapag namumulaklak ang isang bulaklak, ngunit nakikita ko rin ang kagandahan sa oras na ito ay malanta. Hindi lang pisikal ang kahulugan ko ng beauty; it’s beyond what my eyes can witness.”

Finding Individualism

Be yourself. We hear it all the time, but what does it truly mean? We make decisions everyday because of our preferences. We talk and dress a certain way because that’s who we are. Whenever we hear “be yourself,” it actually means to become the you that makes you the happiest. Sometimes we allow ourselves to keep on without ever checking in and internalizing. Once in a while, it’s only right to ask, “Do I love myself enough to be the real me?”

Neon sculptural dress by JAN GARCIA and lime embellished heels by JEFFERSON SI
Artworks featured: Is Jumalon | From top: “Found Empire 1” and “Found Empire 2” (2021) Charcoal and soft pastel on paper. Part of the exhibition “We are going to have to live outside” at the UP Vargas Museum

After establishing herself in the industry, Maymay now seeks individualism. The first step of her journey to self-love was creating a dance cover for the first time. She plans to continue challenging herself in the world of dance, because it’s something she has always wanted to do. Coincidentally, the more she accepts herself, the easier it is for her to be her true self. “Dahil sa experience ko po for 5 years dito sa industriya, mas nakilala ko ang sarili ko. Now I know my strengths and weaknesses. And, because of that I can now face problems and difficulties head on. My direction in life has also become clearer– lalo na’t alam kong nakakapagbigay ito ng saya at tulong sa iba,” says Maymay.

The Love That Formed Independence

Now that Maymay has recognized her shortcomings and finally celebrating her accomplishments, she has allowed herself to truly love. Although this love may be different, it’s the type of love that will last forever. Aside from acknowledging the past, Maymay looks towards the future. She has gained a new form of independence that is a product of holistic self care.

We asked her about her approach to self care, to which she replied, “Sa panahon po kasi ngayon, karamihan po sa atin we need to be physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally strong. This is so we could help others who are not. Ang ibig kong sabihin sa embracing myself ay panatilihing malusog ang lahat ng aspeto sa aking buhay. Alam kong iilan satin baka iisiping ito ay pagiging selfish, pero sana tandaan natin na we cannot provide what we do not have. Kaya sobrang importante po na you embrace yourself and give it love para ma-extend mo po yung tulong mo sa iba.”

Printed sheer gown and short dress both by JOB DACON
Artwork featured: Fernando Amorsolo, “Kawilihan” (1944), Oil on hardboard. Part of the UP Vargas Museum Permanent Collection

As RuPaul always says, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love someone else?” 

Now the only thing left unanswered is that someone else in Maymay’s life. Strong, independent women, after all, are allowed to fall in love. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to ask Maymay about her love life. She kept it short and sweet, but she did say,

Sa totoo lang po may nagpapasaya na po sa aking puso at naway kahit anong maging desisyon namin ay respetuhin po yun ng aking mga taga supporta.


No matter what the situation is, there is plenty of love to go around from Maymay’s heart. Her ability to fully accept and love herself is what fuels the energy she gives off. On top of that, she has the support and love of her fans that has always been a great support system for her. We may not know what the future holds for this young star, but we do it’s looking brighter than ever.

Creative Direction JEB FRONDA
Art Direction NICOLE ALMERO assisted by BRIE VENTURA
Beauty Direction MIKA REYES
Shot on location UP VARGAS MUSEUM