Maymay Entrata Is Our April 2021 Cover Girl! Here Are Clues To Her Artistic Transformation

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We have seen Maymay Entrata grow into the woman that she is today. In this cover, she dives into her imagination for a new metamorphosis.

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Maymay Entrata has been the belle of the ball since she won Pinoy Big Brother last 2017. From a blossoming acting career to a modelesque physique that has given her the opportunity to walk on runways around the world, Maymay truly has exceeded everyone’s expectation, probably even her own.

As we celebrate her fifth year in the industry, we at MEGAStyle have created a new persona to the name Maymay. We dive into her dreams as well as ours to see a Maymay that nobody has seen before. Here are some clues to the transformation we will reveal this April 15:

1.) Symbiosis

Symbiosis is any type of a close and long-term biological interaction between two different biological organisms. In this cover we combine the actress and the model.

2.) The Crown

In the lavish world of the monarchs, it’s not always about beauty and richness. It is the challenges that shape the monarch before she sits on the throne.

3.) The Galaxy

Once we detach from earthly things, our potential is unlimited.

4.) Masters of Filipino Art

From the mundane to the emotional, artists create their masterpieces through their five senses. But it is the 6th sense of the heart that gives life to their creations.

The Parisian Life by Juan Luna

Are you excited for the new Maymay? Watch this space on April 15, 2021.