FYI: Maui Taylor and Historic Oscar Winner Youn Yuh-Jung Starred In A Cannes-screened Film Together

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Did you know: Nearly a decade before nabbing the historic Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, South Korean actress Youn Yuh-Jung worked with our very own Maui Taylor?

You read that right. 

The two women worked in the 2012 Korean thriller Taste of Money. The film revolves around a powerful socialite (Youn) who discovers that her husband is hiding an affair with their Filipino helper (Maui). The action begins once the matriarch plots to have Maui’s character assassinated, and two must have their lives woven together.

From Maui Taylor Instagram

Maui found Youn “intimidating at first”, but eventually warmed up once shooting started. The movie was one of the nominations for the 2012 Palme d’Or, the highest accolade given at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

From Academy Awards Instagram

Youn, 73, is the first South Korean actor to win an Oscar for the film Minari during the 93rd Academy Awards held last April 26. The Oscar-winning film is about Korean immigrants settling in America.

Check out a scene Maui and Youn shared here: