Match Your Workout Outfit To These Aesthetic Yoga Equipment
Match Your Workout Outfit To These Aesthetic Yoga Equipment

Match Your Workout Outfit To These Aesthetic Yoga Equipment

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We’re absolutely obsessed with matching yoga outfits equipment! They’re just too cute. Here are our favorite sets and coordinates.

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Since the start of the pandemic, many of us have tried our hand on yoga. We bought a few yoga outfits, revived the old yoga mat, and braced ourselves for potential balancing fails. Some of us ended up retiring the mat for good, while others became absolutely obsessed with yoga as a practice. We’re definitely part of the latter. And, if you are too, then we’re sure you’ve experienced the yoga initiation too. It’s the same for everyone. First, you start off by buying only the necessary equipment. Maybe, a yoga block here and a sweat proof towel there. Afterwards, you find yourself following more and more yoga accounts. Then, you start to think, “Hey! Maybe I do need a yoga towel with a pug doing yoga on it.” And, it’s all downhill from there. You are now officially addicted to all things yoga. To feed this addiction, we’ve curated matching yoga sets and gears for your perusal. Enjoy!

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For the artistic yogi
You still want to look aesthetic while breaking a sweat. That’s why you look for pieces in trendy colors and buy equipment that feature unique designs.
Yoga set: Recess’ Tri-color Athlete Bra and Do Everything Shorts in Lavender
Yoga equipment: Kool PH x Nala’s Collaboration Insulated Bottle in Purple

yoga, equipment, yoga outfit, activewear, set

For the doggo loving yogi
You’re a dog mom that loves her pups and the art of yoga. Hopefully, one day your puppers get to do a real downward dog with you.
Yoga set: Iha Athleisure’s Sunday Set in Peachy
Yoga equipment: Luna Lifestyle’s Downward Dog Towel

yoga, equipment, yoga outfit, activewear, set

For the minimalistic yogi
You mean business when you do yoga. You have fitness goals you want to reach and don’t need all the fluff to get a good workout.
Yoga set: INEX Active’s Elevate Set in Raven
Yoga equipment: Recovy Percussion Massage Device in Go Black

For the colorful yogi
You’re loud, proud, and high energy. You’re always motivated get a workout in and you love yoga for the good vibes it brings you.
Yoga set: Alo’s Airlift Crescent Bra & High-waist Airlift Legging Set
Yoga equipment: Day In Day Out’s Girl Friday Mat

For the sporty yogi
You’re the type of person who naturally enjoys sports and working out. You love to engage in different types of physical activities, such as: golf, tennis, cross fit, and of course yoga.
Yoga set: Mojo’s T-shirt Top and Shorts set in Milk
Yoga equipment: Starbucks X FILA collaboration 20 oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle