Did The Pandemic Make Women Want To Speed Up Or Slow Down Marriage?

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Matches that are bound to be veiled as one are simply unstoppable; even the pandemic may not be able to dampen the spirits of some. Although in some cases, it’s becoming a considerable factor causing women to speed up or slow down marriage.

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Has singlehood in the midst of quarantine injected a hint of paranoia to women? First of all, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being single. Whether you see yourself growing old all by yourself or being in a relationship when the timing is just right, as long as it satisfies both your heart and mind, then you’re good. Let’s say you have a safe space, all the essentials you need, and stable job that pays you constantly even when you’re at home, yet it’s still lacking one thing—a significant other whom you can spend the whole home isolation and work-from-home setup with. I mean, the urgency of this kind of need is normal in this unique and exacerbated circumstance. If you’re single and this feeling occurs periodically, then maybe you’ve got to revive the dating apps and the connection amongst the circle of your single friends.

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However, there are instances where you have a short- or long-time boyfriend or fiancé and either you already want to be under one roof with them or lie things low for a bit, and even reschedule a wedding ceremony that has long been planned. The romantic and longed for I do is a once-in-a-lifetime big milestone marked as a momentous memory, most especially for soon-to-be brides who are inevitably the immaculate stars of the occasion. Thus, it’s naturally essential to dream of a grand wedding with hundreds of guests as witnesses of their new chapter. Or at least, a simple wedding but with the all family and friends invited.

marriage women

However, until the uncertain timetable changes, mass gatherings are limited to non-existent, brides have to wear masks, and some churches are still closed. These are just few of the long list of things that couples will have to consider before officially tying the knot in the Philippines. I spoke to a good old friend who was engaged last October and has initially planned to wed June this year. At this time, their supposed wedding is postponed for two months now. And instead of recouping their planned ceremony according to the matrimony guidelines by the IATF, they decided to transfigure their marriage. “I wanted to slow down things for a bit as we wanted to share our wedding day with friends and family,” she shares. “We also feel that the pandemic that we’re facing may test our relationship and will eventually lead us to a much more meaningful and sacramental wedding, just as how we dreamed of.”

Proving how the sanctity of love can find its ways despite the challenged brought by the pandemic, personalities like Kyla Zuñiga, the owner of Undo Clothing, and her dashing groom and now husband, Robi Salas, got married locally. “Due to the current situation, we [still] decided to push through with it because we couldn’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together,” Kyla says. In the other part of the world, we have the tying of the knot of Filipino Designer, John Herrera and his long-time beau that took place in London. Even engagements are just impregnable. Last July 23, singer, songwriter Demi Lovato announced via Instagram and Twitter that she is officially engaged to actor Max Ehrich.

This pandemic is really changing our perspective everyday and there’s no other way around it. The moment we thought we’re doing just fine all by ourselves suddenly changes to intense longing for steady affection and companionship. To whatever intuition arises, act upon it without having to decide impulsively or harshly. So, the question still remains: Do women in quarantine want to speed up or slow down marriage?

marriage women

There’s a fair share of discourse and debate for both actually, each with its own merits and points to consider. Whether you find yourself in the single statistic or swirling in wedded bliss, the only consideration is that you really, really, really think about it, because right now, what the general consensus concludes is the greater need for healing of the world from COVID-19 to speed up and the day-to-day cases of patients to slow down and finally end.

When all is well and good eventually, then you can finally ring the bells and utter those I dos, or well, keep repping for the single ladies you see your single, sassy, and strong self to be.