Mark Nicdao on telling a thousand stories with a single image

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This year, MEGA recognizes New PH awardee Mark Nicdao for his passion for visual subjects and dedication to telling stories with iconic still images.


If he isn’t running towards the farthest point of the distance, Mark teeters on the edge of a flimsy perch all in the name of the memorable shot that is sure to sear into your senses. A trusted guardian of the still image, he will go to great lengths to snap that perfect photograph. Whether it’s geared towards the glossy and commercial, to the more evocative and dramatic, Mark Nicdao will deliver far more than one will imagine. His passion and dedication for his craft has led him in creating iconic and wildly-celebrated #MakingMEGA covers since its inception back in 2013.

San Miguel Pale Pilsen salutes you.