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Manila FAME+ Transcends Boundaries With Its Digital Accessibility

Manila FAME+ Transcends Boundaries With Its Digital Accessibility

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Ever since Manila FAME first launched, it quickly became the Philippines’ premier design and lifestyle promotional event. Despite the many challenges the year has brought, Manila FAME breaks barriers by continuing to support the local art community through FAME +, their new online platform. 

For 35 years, it gave the platform for the best of Philippine artistry both in local and international markets to be recognized. Awaited by many from top manufacturers to artisans, the event is an opportunity for local artists to mingle with prospective buyers, enthusiasts and supporters alike.

Earlier this year the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) who is in charge of Manila FAME, sadly announced that the event will not push through due to pandemic restrictions. Many of its supporters were deeply dismayed by its cancellation. However, Manila FAME wasn’t going to let loyal fans and the Filipino art community down despite the challenges.

The digital landscape is expanding even further due to the pandemic, and Manila FAME used this trend to migrate the trade show experience from a physical space to the digital frontier. Their new online platform, FAME+, reaches a wider and more diverse audience by eliminating the physical barriers and giving more opportunities for Filipino creatives and businesses to thrive in the new normal at a global scale. The digital platform also invites anyone who wants to join in the event at any time.  

FAME + is now live!

Manila FAME’s new digital trade community platform was celebrated last October 22, through a virtual zoom event and live stream. It was attended by many Filipino artisans and by DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez, who was the keynote speaker, and DTI Undersecretary Abdulgani Macatoman.

CITEM Executive Director Pauline Suaco-Juan and DTI Undersecretary Abdulgani Macatoman spoke about their vision for FAME + during the online launch event.

“FAME+ is set to complement the export promotion initiatives of CITEM and take it a notch further on the digital sphere,” shared Undersecretary Macatoman, “This platform will give our MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) a brand new way of promoting their stories and craftsmanship that they wouldn’t normally be able to do in a physical trade show.”

CITEM Executive Director Pauline Suaco-Juan also shared her plans for the platform, “CITEM, in partnership with IPG Mediabrands, is proud to have built a homegrown website,” she says. “We look forward to continue building a community that will house the best of Philippine design and creativity in one platform to showcase world-class Filipino artisanship.”

The New Artistically Modern Community

FAME + is the new avenue for the local art community to gather and showcase their creativity globally. It also enables the inclusion of more designs and brands by onboarding exhibitors, getting buyers to register, and sharing stories and content through their online magazine Touchpoint.  

FAME+ will also be packed with many activities that anyone can take part in to promote active participation in the community. This includes digital events focusing on information, creativity, and entertainment for its registered members.  

Art also becomes 24/7 with their year-round promotion of products in a virtual showroom. To help exhibitors learn more and gain more attention, a digital storefront is available for each of them and complimentary digital content production and curation for 100 exhibitors. One-on-one consultations with product development specialists and access to forecasts and industry insights will also aid them to be in the loop of current trends.

The messaging and conferencing features of the online site will provide the connection exhibitors need with buyers, other brands and manufacturers. CITEM will allow exporters to build their online presence and enjoy these benefits at no initial cost until October 2021. 

FAME+ marks the rise of the digital evolution of the Philippines’ art & design community and without a doubt with their new online platform, the remarkable Filipino creativity will be in demand globally. 

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