Mango Tree Manila: A Taste Of Authentic Thai Fine Dining

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Spice up your palate with a gastronomic trip in the world of Thai food.

With history as our witness, it’s no secret that the spice island is located in the heart of Southeast Asia, because of it, the countries residing near it would have some of the most flavorful cuisines there is in the world. Leading the charge in creating mouth-watering entrées that have undoubtedly captivated the taste buds of people across the globe is the punched up flavors of vibrant Thai cuisine.

Offering a variety of dishes—from rice to noodles, pork to fish—Thai food has always been consistent in producing such exquisitely delicious viands. Hence, it’s really no wonder anymore that even their street food seems like a gift from the kitchen god, making them the best destination for foodies who’s up for a food trip in Asia.

Mango Tree Manila
Photo from @mangotreemanila on Instagram

As you’re probably drooling by now, imagining all the Phad Thai and Tom Yum Goong, you might even crave for more. In our search for the best authentic Thai restaurant who can satisfy our cravings, we ended up in Mango Tree Manila. But here’s the catch, it’s not your typical Thai restaurant. Think of it as the elevated version of it—the best of the best.

Photo from @mangotreemanila on Instagram

Offering an exciting menu of healthy and authentic Thai cuisine from the four regions of Thailand, each dish is an artful balance of also four harmonious flavors: sweet, sour, salty, and spicy. In addition to that, Mango Tree Bistro’s menu has had a major revamp.

There’s one section for the “purist,” defined as diners who appreciate traditional tastes of Thai cuisine and seek to experience the dishes loved by the world. On the hand, you have a section for an “adventurous” type of diner, for those who seek to go beyond boundaries, and are in search of new tastes from the four regional cuisines of Thailand.

Mango Tree Manila
Photo from @mangotreemanila on Instagram

“Many culinary enthusiasts in the Philippines have traveled to Thailand to experience Thai cuisine first-hand,” Mango Tree’s Global Managing Director Trevor MacKenzie explained. “And they now want to enjoy the same dishes back home. Our refreshed menu will reflect the trend towards genuine Thai dining that is faithful to the regional flavors of the Kingdom.”

Thai Food Reimagined

Now, a visit to Mango Tree Bistro wouldn’t always be the same. Making sure that consumers would be coming back for more, the bistro will be changing its menu every six months to one year to highlight new items, but will still keep the favorites. After all, their strategy now is to give a perception of higher value than its competitors, through its food quality and excellent customer service—accompanied by its gorgeous interiors catering to a 210 seating capacity, no less.

Mango Tree Manila
Crispy Rice Crackers with Thai Relishes and the Green Mango Salad Isan Style


If it’s your first time to dine here, then prepare yourself as exciting dishes will treat your taste buds. Start with the Crispy Rice Crackers with Thai Relishes and the Green Mango Salad Isan Style. The former is actually a good way to whet your appetite especially when you eat it together with the relishes, while the latter can balance your palate—thanks to its sour and tart extracts from the green mango and cherry tomatoes.

Spicy and Tangy Spareribs


For the main entrée, indulge yourself and tickle your palate with the Spicy and Tangy Spareribs showcasing the chef’s new take on the classic Spareribs. Then balance your meal with an excellent choice of vegetables featuring the Panang Curry Vegetables. If you’re not fond of curry, you must at least try this, because it’s definitely worth it.

Panang Curry Vegetables

Since you’re already in an authentic Thai restaurant, it’s only fitting to order some Phad Thai. And out of all the Phad Thais that are available, we highly suggest their Phad Thai Soft Shell Crab. This stir-fried rice noodle dish just has that impeccable blend of umami realness—from being sweet, salty, bitter and sour.

Phad Thai Soft Shell Crab

Finally, cap-off your quick yet wonderful trip in the world of Thai food with the dessert selection’s best-seller. Cue in the Tri-colored Mango Sticky Rice, featuring coconut and fresh, ripe mangoes.  So, for all the mango lovers out there, this is definitely a gift from the kitchen gods.

Tri-colored Mango Sticky Rice


Overall, Mango Tree Bistro has successfully brought the food game up a notch in the F&B scene in the metro, reinventing their offerings once in a while. Not only do hotels are dominating the fine dining scene anymore, because restaurants such as this bistro are keeping up and creating a unique consumer experience in the heart of the BGC central business district.

“We are hugely excited about offering the pure-play and adventure seeker categories on the menu,” MacKenzie shared. “All are of the highest quality and offer true insights into the culinary culture of one of the world’s great cuisines.”

Mango Tree Bistro is located along 7th Avenue corner 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City. Like and Follow them on Facebook and on Instagram @mangotreebistromanila for more updates.