Ending On A Good Note: #MakingMEGAInRio Documentary Premiere With JaDine

Ending On A Good Note: #MakingMEGAInRio Documentary Premiere With JaDine

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The #MakingMEGAInRio JaDine documentary premieres today, February 29, 2020 and before you watch it, we’ll prep you for what’s about to come.

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You’ll finally be able to see what went down in Rio with the MEGA Team, James Reid, and Nadine Lustre. For one final time, you’ll witness the full circle of the Making MEGA series.

It’s almost like destiny when you really think about it. Going back to where it all started, the team and Jadine travel to the city where we made our first Making MEGA: Rio de Janeiro. The colorful seaside city is a place known for throwing the biggest festivities. The vibrant sceneries and exuberant aura is just the right mood for this bittersweet story. It’s symbolic because our late founder, Sari Yap, started 28 years ago with the vision of creating good impact through MEGA. Withstanding the test of time, we are honoring her legacy by ending on a good note, and a soaring, jubilant one at that. The same way James and Nadine have made glorious impact to millions of people over the past few years.

Undoubtedly, JaDine have become one of the biggest love teams in the Philippines, garnering a loyal fan base in its process. From Eya and Cross, to Leah and Clark, to Joanne and Gio–they have told stories that moved and touched hearts. Even in real life, their love has transcended even without having to play a part. But like every great love story, there comes an end. And though hearts are broken, James and Nadine were willing to share their story to the world; why they chose to share the breakup and how love doesn’t have to be a one-dimensional thing. Moving on from that, the two also talk about their individual stories and growth, highlighting a journey that is truly admirable and inspirational. 

Lastly, there’s a spark of hope for the future in this final moment of the Making MEGA in Rio documentary with James and Nadine. Beautiful things may not last forever, but the time that they were there are memories worth keeping. Parting ways is not easy, so one last time, we present the Making MEGA series.

#MakingMEGAInRio with Jadine:


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