#MakingMEGA Cover Girl Spotlight: Erich Gonzales

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Since starting out in the show business industry in 2005, Erich Gonzales has been charming her audience with her acting skills and her kind nature.

For a time, the beauty was comfortable playing sweet, innocent roles that were her to rise to fame. But as the years passed, she has evolved into someone more self-assured and confident, navigating both her life and career with an admirable grace.

Erich’s #MakingMEGA shoot in South Africa last 2014 was an example of a milestone that showcased the star’s bolder side. Dressed in chic earth tones and animal prints, she posed alongside the equally stunning Maja Salvador, Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Barretto.

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Last 2017, Erich also dazzled in a solo cover on the magazine, a shoot that the team will definitely remember. Clad in bright and bold prints, the star definitely resonated with the issue’s theme—focusing on the journey with oneself.

At her latest cover shoot with MEGA for the epic #MakingMEGA reunion, the star seemed to be more herself than ever, despite even more achievements under her belt. Still greeting someone with the same sweet smile, however, we were reminded of the Erich that she still is.