How We Survived Making MEGA in Rio With Big Sky Nation Wi-Fi
How We Survived Making MEGA in Rio With Big Sky Nation Wi-Fi

How We Survived Making MEGA in Rio With Big Sky Nation Wi-Fi

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We all know it—connectivity is key regardless of where you are. And that’s why it was exactly one of our major concerns before flying out to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the final Making MEGA. “How will we have data connection?” we all asked. And that’s where Big Sky Nation Wi-Fi comes in.

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Given our tight schedules during the Making MEGA in Rio trip—multiple shoots in multiple locations in one day—and the number of people in the team, it’s a given that we needed data connectivity that’s as hard-working as us. Scouring for locations, keeping tabs on everyone and the shoot’s progress, updating our loved ones and our social media, messaging for rush requests—these were just some of the things we needed a reliable connection for.

Enter Big Sky Nation. I’ve heard of the travel Wi-Fi provider from friends and blogs before, but this was my first time to try it myself. I did not subscribe to data roaming, so all I had was Big Sky Nation and a whole lot of trust. 10 days and 7 shoots in Brazil and I have to say, Big Sky Nation did not fail us throughout the trip.

Big Sky Nation Wifi Making MEGA in RIo
The one WiFi device that kept all of us connected during Making MEGA in RIo.

Unlimited Data

They were around 4-5 of us sharing a device and while the data speed varied per location, we all had fast, 24-hours of unlimited global mobile data. That’s right, one Big Sky Nation Wi-Fi was able to accommodate all our needs even in the most remote of locations and for hours on end.

The whole time during Making MEGA in Rio we had to be connected not only to each other but to the Brazilian production team we worked with the whole Making MEGA experience. We had to be updated about everyone’s whereabouts and ensure everyone is up to speed with the schedule, and it was all easy and breezy thanks to our Wi-Fi connectivity.

More Battery Life Than My Phone

Of course, we made sure to always charge our Wi-Fi devices every night. Surprisingly, one charge lasts for up to 8 hours, even if we keep it on and use it non-stop. As a plus, the device doubles as a power bank you can use to charge your other devices in a pinch.

Fun fact: connecting to a Wi-Fi device saves your phone’s battery as doing so is more power-efficient than using your phone’s cellular data. With Big Sky Nation, not only did I have dependable data, but my phone also had more juice for taking BTS photos, playing music, making video calls, and other vital mobile functions.

Big Sky Nation Wifi Making MEGA in RIo
Even in the crowded and far-flung beaches of Ipanema, we had connectivity thanks to Big Sky Nation WiFi.

Solid Color And Design

I appreciated Big Sky Nation’s solid design and eye-popping color. The hue made it easy to spot and even easier to check if we had it in our bags. The fuss-free, minimal design was something I didn’t expect at all; keeping the screen small and the buttons to a minimum, the interface was still highly intuitive. The size is compact (it’s no bigger than today’s standard smartphones) and fits in my fanny pack that contained all my essentials.

Worldwide Coverage

No matter what your next destination is, be it in Europe, Asia, or America, Big Sky Nation has your data covered. So you can say goodbye to your travel worries and say hello to unlimited and reliable connectivity.

One Wi-Fi device for all my and teammates’ devices? Unlimited global connectivity that’s fast and dependable? Just like Big Sky Nation, I’m all in.