Maja and Rambo: Just Waiting For The Perfect Time

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The actress and the businessman on why their love affair is worth another try.

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Maja Salvador’s star continued to rise and with all her success, she wanted to find love. But this time, she knew that she would have to change her approach to relationships. If she wanted something to last, she knew there were changes she had to make about the way she loves.

Little did she know that a past relationship, even way before her she became involved with movie stars, would be the one she would change all her rules for. And it came in the person of her ex-boyfriend, businessman Rambo Nunez.

“Hindi ako mahilig magbigay ng second chance. Parang wala akong binalikan. Pero with Rambo, feeling ko kasi wala naman third party at that time (na naghiwalay kami), tapos ‘yung family niya—iba ‘pag gusto ka ng family iba kapag mahal ka ng family,” Maja explains the difference with this relationship.

I talked to Rambo as well and he felt the same way being with Maja again. He felt there was something there to rekindle.

“Same din ako. So parang, ‘pag tapos, tapos! Ganyan. But it was more of yung ending kasi namin, it just wasn’t the right time. Siguro, if I was in the position before that if I really love her, kaya ko siguro siya buhayin eh ‘di o sige, diba? If you really want this to work and conflicting ‘yung showbiz, diba? Sige ako na muna bahala sayo. Pwedeng ganun eh, but ‘yun nga, I didn’t want to be selfish naman and at the same time I don’t want her to regret and siya rin naman, yung dreams niya rin diba? So kaya hindi siya nag-work. Kumbaga it just ended because of the circumstance,” Rambo explains.

Maja chose her career then, and now that she has achieved her dreams, she has chosen Rambo.

“Bata pa kasi ako, but with Rambo, siya kasi yung mas matanda sa ‘kin. With Gerald, ako yung mas matanda. Matteo, ganon din. So yeah, parang si Rambo yung pinaka matanda, tapos surrounded pa kami ng pamilya namin,” Maja explains why this time, this relationship works.

“Hanggang sa habang nagtatagal kami, oo nga ang hirap mag- compromise. Dapat nag-a-adjust. Oo nga pala yung boyfriend ko, hindi pala sa showbiz world. Medyo nandun kasi siya sa events pero hindi nga pala niya maintindihan yung sa side ng work ko,” Maja discusses the decisions she made this time to be more mindful of her relationship in considering what she will do for a role.

Time For A Change

If before she really didn’t mind how her portrayal of a role would affect her relationship, now, her relationship is much more important than a role. In fact, she turned down the ABS-CBN teleserye Init Sa Magdamag because it would entail many sexy scenes with her ex, Gerald Anderson, who was cast opposite her.

“Bago pa nga lang yung relationship namin, tinodo ko na eh. As in kasi diba, grabe ako sa pagpapahalaga ko sa work. So walang makakapigil sakin if mag-kissing scene ako, love scene, ganyan, kahit di comfortable yung ka-relationship ko. I do it because it’s my work. And then, nung nagkabalikan kami ni Rambo, meron akong moment na gusto ko mag-work to. Baka kaya hindi nag-wo-work kasi wala akong pakialam. Kasi sarili ko lang iniintindi ko parang hindi ko pinapahalagahan yung nararamdaman ng partner ko. So yun yung nag-start na kinausap ko yung mga bossing, ‘I want this relationship to work. Sorry po,’” Maja narrates, explaining why she wouldn’t take roles, finally taking a stand and making the change in the way she handles her relationship.

A Brand New Relationship

“’Yun siguro nga, kumbaga she’s doing things differently. ‘Pag before, baka hindi yun yung kaya hindi siya nag wo-work kasi it becomes an issue for some of her relationships nga kasi siya, she’s gonna do everything (for a role). Maintindihan mo o hindi, I’m gonna do this, parang ‘yung sa kanya it’s more of like kahit na maintindihan mo I’ve been there eh parang ganun siya. Minsan yung kahit gaano katindi biglang mabi-bring up, siguro may ganun siya na. Of course it’s something na parang mage-gets mo lang if parang ‘andun na. Siguro it’s more of yung ayaw niya na lang maging problema. Siguro she wants to give it to the relationship,” Rambo says about Maja’s choice to give more importance to their relationship than any role that is offered to her.

“Of course, syempre it’s nice kasi syempre iniintindi niya not just the relationship but me diba? Na parang siya na yung siguro ayaw nalang niya na iintindihin ko diba na parang ayaw niya problemahin ko. Kumbaga it’s like her saying na hindi mo problemahin ‘to. Siguro previous relationships niya pinoproblema to. Sa akin parang ‘wag ka mag-alala, hindi mo poproblemahin to…” Rambo adds.

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