Maine Mendoza Launches 'DoNation Drive' For Daily Wage Earners
Maine Mendoza Launches ‘DoNation Drive’ For Daily Wage Earners

Maine Mendoza Launches ‘DoNation Drive’ For Daily Wage Earners

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Proving that she’s more than just beauty, Maine Mendoza shows us her big charitable heart helping one Filipino household after another.

Maine Mendoza joins fellow celebrities who have stepped up to help all the Filipinos greatly affected by the global pandemic. She has successfully raised awareness regarding the rapid spread of COVID-19 and made it a point to help those who need assistance in her own means.

While she recognizes and is greatly thankful to many front-liners who are risking their lives every day to fight against the COVID-19 disease, she also knows that there are other people who are in danger. And those are the daily wage earners who are currently having a hard time making ends meet just to feed their families, pay rent, and buy medicines.

With that in mind, the actress launched her fundraising campaign called “DoNation Drive” to help all employees affected by the enhanced community quarantine. She took to twitter her sentiments about it saying, “Given the difficult situation we are all facing, I thought of starting the DoNation drive today. This is to help the employees who are not allowed to work because of the community lockdown.”


“Consider yourself blessed, if, despite all, you can purchase food and sanitation supplies (even hoard!) for your homes,” the actress says. “But what about those workers who live on a day-to-day basis? Now that they are obliged not to go to work, how can they survive?”

So, Maine saw it just right to share her blessings with others. “I know how hard it is for these people nowadays to sustain their living so I decided to share as much as I can to them. I will be sending P1000 per household (for food groceries and other essentials).”

In the blog post, she also asked those who are willing to lend a hand to kindly send the money the number 09563890291 through the app G-Cash. “If you want to play a part, you can spare a little amount from your pockets that will surely go to those in need. Our share, no matter how big or small will go a long way.”

But for those who need assistance, they may send an email together with proof of employment (Company ID or any other proof that you are currently employed but required not to work until our situation improves). Also, a cellphone number where the money will be coursed through.

“I will personally facilitate all the donations and I will TRY my best to accommodate as many people as I can,” Maine assures everyone. “I will also provide proof of transactions to the donors for transparency purposes if they wish.”