Luxury Watchmaker Philippe Charriol Dies At Age 77

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Philippe Charriol, founder of luxury watch and jewelry brand Charriol, was just killed in a tragic car accident. According to a circuit official, the 77-year-old Frenchman was the victim of an accident at the Le Castellet racing track during a car-racing session. He is succeeded by his daughter and son, who are part of the family business.
When Charriol first started selling watches made with steel cables for straps in the 80s, he was met with discrimination, being told that ladies wouldn’t want to wear steel. Fast forward to almost three decades later—the brand has risen to global success with its iconic twisted cable design that was inspired by the ancient Celtic art.
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“I searched so many rules and ideas and I finally discovered Celtic jewelry made 45 centuries ago in a museum in London,” Charriol told us one during an interview to promote the brand’s latest fragrance. “The Celtics were a big tribe that once covered the whole of Europe. I liked the idea of getting inspiration from these strong people.”
The industry mourns the loss of the loss of the icon, who was an inspiration to many. His journey in creating his prestige brand of luxury timepieces was not an easy one, but he proved to everyone the power of hard work and determination.