The Perfect Lustrous Lippie For Your Sign According To Nadine Lustre

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Is your sign compatible with the new Lustrous lippies from Nadine Lustre and BYS?

We’ve all seen compatibility tests between signs. There will always be one sign that would perfectly match yours in whichever aspect it may be. Fire signs and air signs get along. And hey, Gemini, that Scorpio might not be the one for you. So many signs, so many probabilities. But with the new Birthday Collection from Nadine Lustre’s collaboration with BYS Cosmetics, Lustrous, the possibilities for your signs just got a little less complicated.

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Lustrous dropped three new lippies in the shades Libra, Leo, and Virgo. Now we’re out to find out if these signs (or shades, for this matter) are compatible with yours. So we asked Nadine herself if she thinks these lippies are a perfect match for your zodiac!

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And what do you know—lippies know no limits. According to her, these shades can be worn by everyone. So forget compatibility, these new lippies are still perfect for you!
Want to hear it from Nadine herself? Check out the video below!


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