Lovi Poe ’s Top 5 Favorite Pieces From Her Jewelry Collection

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Jewelry curator and actress Lovi Poe shares with us her favorite pieces from her personal collection. You’d be surprised by how practical they are.

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Lovi Poe is the Philippine’s Bohemian Goddess. It’s her energy, sense of style, and carefree personality that garnered her this title. On top of this, she also stacks up jewelry like a true boho queen. “I used to dress like a bohemian all the time. Gypsy vibes! When I go to the beach, I still dress up that way,” says Lovi. That’s why we think Lovi is the perfect ambassador to be curating Imono Jewelry’s SS21 collection. We’ve seen the actress wear a number of jewelry pieces on her social media, so much so that they’ve become the actress’ style staples. Even when she’s just at home, she’s a big fan of layering necklaces, bangles, and rings.

For her SS21 collection curation, Lovi chose pieces than average folks can wear any time we want. “I chose the designs in this collection based on what I look for in everyday jewelry. It has to be versatile so it can look good in any outfit for any occasion. It has to be elegant with refined details so it highlights the beauty of the person wearing it. It should also help bring out the best qualities in a person—it’s an extension of what’s within. Jewelry is very personal,” shares Lovi. Find out which pieces she’s talking about by reading on.

Gold Barrel Bracelet
In her Instagram posts, Lovi shares her drink of the day while showing off her favorite gold barrel bracelet from Imono. “That’s what’s nice about Imono. They have a lot of simple pieces, so when you put it together it looks even more elegant. Like, when I stacked all those bangles together,” says Lovi.

Imono, Jewelry, Lovi Poe
Gold Barrel Bracelet by Imono Jewelry for ₱799.75

Pearl Chain Necklace
When asked about her most versatile piece, she shares, “This one is a long pearl necklace that I wrapped around twice.” Lovi adds, “I also use it as a face mask holder by clipping the ends to the mask.” We can see that the pearl chain necklace is a best-selling piece because even Imono Jewelry’s General Manager, Goldy Tang-Hing, was wearing it to the press launch.

Imono, Jewelry, Lovi Poe
Pearl Chain Necklace by Imono Jewelry for ₱879.75

Handcuffs Necklace
There are a number of photos of Lovi wearing the handcuffs necklace from Imono Jewelry. She even wore it to her show, Owe My Love. Her former signature piece was a cross necklace from Imono Jewelry. “It’s nice to have a signature piece even when you’re just at home. It boosts your confidence,” says Lovi.

Imono, Jewelry, Lovi Poe
Handcuffs Necklace by Imono Jewelry for ₱399.75

Gold Loop Earrings
Lovi shared, “I’ve always been a fan of hoop earrings. When I have my hair up in a bun, the hoop earrings never get old.” You can see that Lovi has been wearing hoop earrings since her earlier years in show business. She wears it at home, when she travels, and during photo shoots.

Gold Loop Earrings by Imono Jewelry for ₱329.75

Layered Necklace with Pearl Pendant
“I want to wear them all. Like the layered pearl necklace, I could wear it in the dressy look also,” says Lovi. This layered necklace with a pearl pendant is the centrepiece for Imono Jewelry’s campaign with Lovi. It’s so stunning that it was also her choice of jewelry for her stage performances.

Layered Necklace with Pearl Pendant by Imono Jewelry for ₱699.75